New Faces, New Roles

We welcome these new employees to the college and congratulate those in new positions within the college!

December 2016
Aja Callander, Assistant Director of the Children’s Center, Williams College Children’s Center
Joseph Davis, Technical Systems Specialist, Advancement Information Systems
Cheryl Handsaker, Instructional Technology Developer and Project Manager, Office for Information Technology
Rachel Heisler, Manager of Student and Visitor Engagement, Williams College Museum of Art
Brian Teal, Mechanical and Electrical Trades Manager, Facilities
Abigail Wattley, Managing Director, Investment Office

November 2016
Gwendolyn Adam, Director of Psychological Counseling Services, Student Health Services
Derek Andren, Senior Associate, Investment Office
Vanessa Brown, Program Coordinator, Alumni Relations
Tara Lescarbeau, Custodian, Facilities

October 2016
Samuel Boyden, Operations Coordinator, Office of Student Life
Sean Burbank, Senior Associate, Investment Office
Cory Campbell, Instructional Technology Specialist
Daniel Cellana, Custodian, Facilities
Channy Chhay, Program Coordinator, Alumni Relations
Joshua Costa, Security Patrol Supervisor, Campus Safety, and Security
Brandon Gruver, Assistant Coach of Women’s Track, Athletics Department
Daniel Marko, Cook, Dining Services
Meredith Mesaris, Assistant Coach of Women’s Junior Varsity Basketball, Athletics Department
Marise Morse, Science Library Assistant, Libraries
David Owens-Branco, Access Services Assistant, Libraries
Douglas Schlaefer, Sustainability Project Manager, Facilities

September 2016
Thomas Aliberti, Facilities Technology Specialist, Facilities
Justin Bradley, Assistant Coach of Men’s Junior Varsity Basketball
Keenan Chenail, Assistant Project Manager, Facilities
Wesley Childers, Groundskeeper, Facilities
Jodi Easton, Curriculum Enrichment and Floating Teacher, Children’s Center
Justin Kinney, Accountant, Controller’s Office
Meghan McCormick, Lead Teacher (Infants), Children’s Center
Sean McGrath, Associate Director of the Alumni Fund/Director of Athletics Giving, Development Office
Nathan Pare, Architectural Tradesperson, Facilities
Hana Zewdie, Assistant Director of the Davis Center, The Davis Center

August 2016
John Carvalho, Custodian, Facilities
Nate Clark, Assistant Coach of Men’s Crew, Athletics Department
Jon Czubryt, Snack Bar Attendant, Dining Services
Michelle Gingras, Medical Assistant, Student Health Services
Dan Gura, Assistant Coach of Men’s and Women’s Alpine Skiing, Athletics Department
Bonnie Haig, Nurse, Student Health Services
Meike Kaan, Director of Creative Services, Communications
Ashley Kisner, Assistant Coach of Field Hockey, Athletics Department
Kenneth Kunes, Access Services Assistant, Libraries
Michael LaBonte, Snack Bar Attendant, Dining Services
Dusty Lopez, Assistant Coach of Men’s and Women’s Cross Country and Track
Colin Moran, Campus Recycling Coordinator, Facilities
Matthew Nazarian, Assistant Coach of Football, Athletics Department
Sarah Raymond, Assistant Coach of Women’s Soccer, Athletic Department
Kristen Savitsky, Nurse Practitioner, Student Health Services
Leondre Simmon, Assistant Coach of Football, Athletics Department
Cailyn Strubel, Assistant Coach of Volleyball, Athletics Department
Leigh Sylvia, Assistant Director for STEM Communications and Business Advising, Career Center
Chris Wootton, Assistant Coach of Men’s and Women’s Tennis, Athletics Department

July 2016
Nina Antonetti, Director of Donor Engagement, Williams College Museum of Art
Meredith Carroll, Assistant Director/Director of Admission and Social Media, Williams-Mystic Program
Adrian Castro, Assistant Director of Admission, Admission Office
Sophie Chatas, Alumni Fund Coordinator, Development Officer
Lisa Conathan, Head of Special Collections, Libraries
Nathan Cook, Instrumentation Specialist, Chemistry Department
Sarah Copp, Administrative Assistant, Political Science Department
Matthew Couture, Power Plant Operator, Facilities
Samantha Crough, Assistant Coach of Wome’s Basketball, Athletics Department
Scott Cunningham, Groundskeepers Lead, Facilities
Brian Emerson, Assistant Coach of Men’s Basketball, Athletics Department
Amy Filson, Gift Planning Officer, Development Office
Carrie Gagne, Director of the Children’s Center, Williams College Children’s Center
Misha Garg, Assistant Director of International Recruitment, Admission Officer
Stephanie Gonzalez, Associate Director of Diversity Recruitment, Admission Officer
Colleen Little, Principal Giving Coordinator, Development Office
Jason Mativi, Instrumentation Engineer, Science Center
Laura Muller, Director of Quantitative Skills Programs and Peer Support, Dean’s Office
Kevin Murphy, Eugenie Prendergast Senior Curator of American Art, Williams College Museum of Art
Tapiwanashe Nhundu, Employment Manager, Human Resources
Emily Rea, Production Manager, Theater Department
Kristan Renish, Senior Budget and Planning Analyst, Controller’s Office
Jessie Sentivan, Curatorial Assistant, Williams College Museum of Art
Wendy Skavlem, Alumni Fund Development Officer, Development Officer
Ryan Tainter, Web Developer, Communications
Sara Ugalde, Assistant Coach of Women’s Ice Hockey
Alison Warner, Associate Director for Clery Compliance and Training, Campus Safety and Security

June 2016
Jack Bissell, Investment Analyst, Investment Office
Antonio Blanco, Alumni Relations Coordinator, Alumni Relations
Don Boudreau, Mechanical Trades Technician, Facilities
Shannon O’Brien, Assistant Editor/Social Media Strategist
Clover Powell, Visitor Services Coordinator, Williams College Museum of Art
Kristopher Reopell, Custodian, Facilities
Jordon Richardson, Custodian, Facilities
Bridget Wiffin, Assistant Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, Corporate and Foundation Relations

May 2016
Amanda Badorini, Preschool I Teacher, Williams College Children’s Center
Patrick Gray Jr., Events, Classroom and Studio Support Specialist, Information Technology
Ramon Mignott, Assistant Coach of Football, Athletics Department
Timothy Roberts, Groundskeepers Foreman, Facilities
Jay Sherman, Snack Bar Attendant, Dining Services
PJ Venti, Associate Director of Donor Relations, Development Office

April 2016
CJ Hazell, Cook’s Assistant, Dining Services
Scott Henderson, Project Manager, Facilities
Kathi Lampron, Records Specialist, Advancement Information Systems
Stephen Lazarczyk, Utility Worker, Dining Services
Ninah Pretto, Assistant Dean of Internation Student Services, Dean’s Office
David Santiago, Security Officer/Visitor Services, Williams College Museum of Art
Alex Smith, Senior Assistant Football Coach, Athletics Department

March 2016
Nicole Alarie, Science Library Assistant, Libraries
Lucas Ames, Custodian, Facilities
Kate Barber, Exhibition, and Program Manager, Williams College Museum of Art
Thomas Blumenauer, Senior Assistant Coach of Football, Athletics Department
Debby Kopala, Mail Operations Coordinator, Student Life

February 2016
Steve Amann, Classroom Technology Specialist, Information Technology
Walter Andrzejewski Jr., Power Plant Operator, Facilities
Matthew Bohmer, Electrical Trades Technician, Facilities
Tim Duncan, Snack Bar Attendant, Dining Services
Yolanda Galbreath, HR Assistant, Human Resources
Don Kjelleren, Director of the Career Center, Career Center
Theresa LePicier, Administrative Coordinator, Dean’s Office
G.L.M. Wallace, Director of Accessible Education, Academic Resources
Jeff Miller, Stage and Orchestra Manager, Music Department
James Ryan, Assistant Coach of Men’s Lacrosse, Athletics Department
Christopher Vince, Cook’s Assistant, Dining Services
Todd Walker, Dishwasher, Dining Services

January 2016
Emilie Boone, Mellon Fellow for Diversity in the Arts, Williams College Museum of Art
Derek Cece, Architectural Trades Manager, Facilities
Julie Choquette, Senior Designer/Art Director, Communications
Leila Derstine, Alumni Travel-Study Coordinator, Alumni Relations
Edward Gregory, Power Plant Operator, Facilities
James Kuzio, Theater Technician, Theater Department
Katie Price, Senior Development Officer, College Relations
Amanda Turner, Assistant Registrar, Registrar’s Office