2020 Biometric Screening Options

Know Your Numbers Card

The On-Campus Screenings are a convenient way to get your blood pressure, random (non-fasting) blood glucose level, total and HDL cholesterol levels needed to complete the Biometric Screening for the Wellness at Williams incentive.

Data from your On-Campus Screening or Provider Screening Form will be automatically uploaded to your Health Assessment (within 3-4 weeks of submission).
Important Note: Self-reported biometric data will not earn credit toward the incentive; please do not enter any biometric data or make any changes to uploaded data.


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Screening Details

**Located at the Faculty House** 

Please bring your BCBS ID Card and arrive 10 minutes early to complete the paperwork. 

Two lab technicians will be at each Health Screening and appointments will be available every 15 minutes. Please allow 30 minutes to complete the entire screening process, which involves the following:

  • The tech will read your BMI and take your blood pressure. They will also use a small lancet to prick your finger, withdraw a small amount of blood into a thin vial, and place it on a cassette for testing.
  • Fingerstick screenings provide immediate results for non-fasting glucose, total and HDL cholesterol, enabling you to benefit from onsite health educators who can explain results thoroughly and outline any next steps.
  • The tech will place the results on a Know Your Numbers card for you to keep. They will also complete and submit the Provider Screening Form for you.

Already had fasting blood work done at a physical?

Simply have your doctor complete the Provider Screening Form and either you or your doctor can submit it to the address on the bottom of the form. You can use information obtained from your doctor, as long as it was done within the past range appropriate to your age group: 18-21: past year; 22-49: past three years; 50 and over: past year. (Waist Circumference, Body Fat %, and Body Mass Index (BMI) are optional fields on the form.)


More questions? Check out the Wellness at Williams FAQ.