Adding a day to the 2019 Winter Shutdown: A Message from President Maud Mandel

Dear Williams staff and faculty members,

With summer finally here, winter is probably the furthest thing from our minds. Even so, I’m happy to share some good news regarding the December 2019 winter shutdown.

The Staff Advisory Council brought to my attention that this year’s break was scheduled for Tuesday, December 24, through Wednesday, January 1. As a result of their helpful suggestion, we’ll also include Monday, December 23, as a holiday so that people can enjoy the full work week off. The HR team has updated the college holiday calendar to include this addition, and we wanted you to have the information as early as possible for planning purposes.

As many of you know, some of our staff colleagues are unable to take advantage of this scheduled time off because they work in critical areas where operations continue over the break. To make sure they get an equal benefit, they’ll be able to float the additional holiday and enjoy time off whenever their schedules allow. I’m especially grateful to them for their dedication.

Indeed, thank you for all your great work for Williams and our students. Have a restful and pleasant summer!