Additional Tai Chi Classes for Spring 2022 - Starting Tuesday, March 22nd

Due to the increased interest, Wellbeing at Williams is excited to offer an additional in-person 9 week session of Tai Chi (Taiji) for Spring 2022! The classes will be led by local practitioner, Michael McGrath, on Tuesdays, March 22nd through May 17th, 4:15 – 5:45pm, in Greylock Studio – Room 212.

Water Taiji is a soft, smooth and continuous shadow boxing form that includes both defensive and offensive stances and postures. It is practiced with clear intent, each movement with a specific purpose, to harness the body’s energy, its qi, into a single point for the delivery of that energy to an intended target. Finding circles, shifting weight, hip turns, a moving meditation, managing and delivering qi.

No experience is necessary. Please dress in loose, comfortable clothing with socks. No shoes are allowed in this space.

We ask that participants only register if they can commit to all 9 sessions as this is a progressive learning experience that incorporates physical and cultural components – walk-ins cannot be accommodated at this time. Space is limited to 15 employees.

Please register by clicking on the image below.