Alternative Work Arrangements for Staff

Our staff remote work pilot begins July 1, 2022. As individuals and managers work through the planning tools the final step is for the staff member to submit the Alternative Work Agreement Form for approval.

More details can be found in the Remote Work Policy in the staff handbook.

An Overview of the Process

1. Department heads initiate discussions within their units to assess the best strategy for Alternative Work Arrangements for their teams, using the Department Planning Tool for Alternative Work Arrangements. Coordinated proposals for how departmental priorities will be met with these considerations will then be submitted to senior staff for vetting and approval.

2. Individual employees prepare proposals and seek approval from their immediate supervisor and department head. Employees wishing to propose an alternative work arrangement should start by filling out the:

3. Once the Individual AWA plan is finalized the employee should submit the Alternative Work Agreement Form(View PDF version) Approval is at the collective discretion of the supervisor, the department head, and the member of senior staff to whom the department reports, with input from Human Resources (and if necessary the college’s legal counsel) to ensure compliance with applicable tax and labor laws. This form will also be approved by the Information Security Director, where applicable. A copy will be placed in the individual’s personnel file.