Appreciation Day 2017

The college is proud to recognize the following staff for 5, 10, 15, and 20 years of service at an Appreciation Day luncheon on May 2nd. Employees with 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of service will be recognized at an Appreciation Day dinner that evening. Retirees will be recognized at a dinner on May 23rd. Honorees and retirees can RSVP by clicking on appropriate links for Appreciation Day Lunch, Appreciation Day Dinner, and Appreciation Day Retirees.


5 Years of Service

James Abdou, Theatre Department

Thomas Aliberti, Facilities

David Bartels, Campus Safety and Security

John Carasone, Development Office

Dylan Chatterton, Dining Services

Diana Clayson, Trust & Estate Administration

Rachel Coffield, Student Health Services

Julia Crosby, Investment Office

Laura Day, Development Office

Adrianne Epe, Office of Student Life

Julie Fairchild, Campus Safety and Security

Keith Hill, Facilities

David Keiser-Clark, Office for Information Technology

Kenneth Kunes, Williams Libraries

Patricia Leahey-Hays, Office of Student Life

Theresa LePicier, Dean’s Office

Nancy  Macauley, Campus Safety and Security

Helen McShane, Economics Department

Michael Militello, Dining Services

Rus Miller, Office of Communications

Noah Misiuk, Facilities

Katherine Myers, Development Office

Michael Newton, Office for Information Technology

Darren Noel, Facilities

Christina Olsen, Williams College Museum of Art

Kris Savitsky, Student Health Services

Rick Shand, Facilities

Michelle Shaw, Career Center

Lisa Stachelek, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services

James Stewart, Dining Services

Kristen Tool, Williams College Children’s Center

Amanda Turner, Registrar’s Office

Kaatje White, Center for Learning in Action


10 Years of Service

Michael Amann, Office for Information Technology

Patrick Anderson, Facilities

Andrew Briggs, Facilities

Fr. Gary Caster, Chaplain’s Office

Kristin Corrigan, Investment Office

Robert Crouse, Facilities

Scott Cunningham, Facilities

Randal Fippinger, Theatre Department

Elizabeth Gallerani, Williams College Museum of Art

Christina Gregory, Controller’s Office

James Guiden, Dining Services

Miguel Gutierrez, Dining Services

Leticia Guzman, Dining Services

Debby Kopala, Office of Student Life

Bridget LaValley, Dining Services

Dalit Lederman, Development Office

Sulgi Lim, Admission Office

Suzanne Little-Stefanik, Williams College Museum of Art

Megan Mazza, Art Department

Margaret McComish, Development Office

Kristen McCormack, Career Center

Teresa McLain, Dining Services

Richard Miller, Williams College Museum of Art

Irene Nesbitt, Dining Services

Souphaphonh Phienboupha, Facilities

Beth Reynolds , Development Office

Teresa Siciliano, Dining Services

Willa Simon, Theatre Department

Tony Sinico, Campus Safety and Security

Rebecca Sweet, Advancement Information Systems

Brad Wakeman, Investment Office

Yasmin Wilkinson, Athletics Department

Anthony Zelazo, Facilities


15 Years of Service

David Beauchamp, Facilities

Ildiko Bodor, Dining Services

Ginette Cahoon, Dining Services

Paula Consolini, Center for Learning in Action

Thomas Craw, Campus Safety and Security

Lori DuBois, Williams Libraries

Donna Felix, Facilities

George Ferger, Graduate Program-Art History

Sarah Gardner, Ctr-Environmental Studies

Carrie Greene, Dean of Faculty’s Office

Kurtis Kimball, Williams Libraries

Jim Lillie, Office for Information Technology

Rachel Louis, Ctr-Development Economics

Molly O’Brien, Dining Services

Jodi Psoter, Williams Libraries

Diana Thurston, Student Health Services

Christopher Vadnais, Advancement Information Systems

Aldo Volpi, Facilities

Robert Volpi, Dining Services

Kerry Wandrei, Williams Libraries


20 Years of Service

Kim Alice, Williams Libraries

Beth Armstrong, Dining Services

David Bassette, Dining Services

Robert Blay, VP for Institutional Diversity & Equity Office

Saroeuth Chhuon, Facilities

Curtis Cowell, Facilities

David Dewey, Development Office

Criss Laidlaw, Office for Information Technology

Christine Ménard, Williams Libraries

Deborah Morandi, Chemistry Department

Jonathan Morgan-Leamon, Office for Information Technology

Lillian Mountz, Dining Services

Heather O’Brien, Development Office

Maria Oliva, Dining Services

Seth Rogers, Office for Information Technology

Eric Rougeau, Facilities

Deborah Shea, Dining Services

Laini Sporbert, Student Health Services

Lisa Wilk, Athletics Department


25 Years of Service

Lisa Armstrong, Dining Services

Kim Brown, Real Estate & Auxiliary Services

Kathleen Callahan Koch, Athletics Department

Susan Gaskell, VP for Campus Life Office

Diane Hart, Williams College Museum of Art

Samuel Hurlbut, Facilities

Terri-Lynn Hurley, Office for Information Technology

Noelle Lemoine, Office of Communications

John Maloney, Facilities

Douglas Paisley, Art Department

Timothy Reisler, Facilities

Gary Rougeau, Facilities

Nancy Snyder, Facilities

Edward Waryjasz, Facilities


30 Years of Service

Glenn Boyer, Athletics Department

Lisa Champagne, Dining Services

Bruce Decoteau, Facilities

Heidi Duncan, Facilities

Diane England, Development Office

Kevin Forkey, Physics Department

Kim Hodgkins, Dining Services

Susan Hogan, Controller’s Office

Kenneth Jensen, Facilities

David Johnson, Dean’s Office

Karen Jolin, Controller’s Office

Cindy Kimball, Advancement Information Systems

Lisa Olson, Facilities

Sean Phan, Dining Services

Scott Remillard, Facilities

Michael Reopell, Advancement Information Systems

Sarah Tovani, Dining Services

Michelle Waryjasz, Office of Financial Aid

Diana Wilson, Dining Services


35 Years of Service

David Dabrowski, Facilities

Edward Derby, Facilities

Karen Kowitz , Graduate Program in the Art History

Nancy Piatczyc, Science Center

Gail Rondeau Hebert, Office of Student Life

40 Years of Service

Frederick Jolin, Facilities

Robert Vachereau, Dining Services


45 Years of Service

Carol Witek, Registrar’s Office



Carol Allard, Office of Financial Aid

Nancy  Bellows, Political Science Department

Linda Burke, Facilities

Jean Caprari, Williams Libraries

Diana Elvin, Development Office

Margy Gwozdz, Williams Libraries

Wayne Haskins, Facilities

Samuel Hurlbut, Facilities

Patricia Hurlbut, Facilities

Stephen Jones, Facilities

Christine Maher, Williams College Museum of Art

Alberta McCarthy, Dining Services

Jane Nicholls, Development Office

Rebecca Ohm, Williams Libraries

Hideyo Okamura, Williams College Museum of Art

David Pilachowski, Director of Libraries

Linda Reynolds, Art Department

Robert Scherr, Chaplain’s Office

James Wetteland, Facilities

Elaine Yanow, Williams Libraries