Appreciation Day 2023

The college is proud to recognize the following staff for their dedicated service. Please join us in congratulating them as they celebrate their milestone anniversary this year. An extra special congratulations to our employees who have retired. Thank you for your many contributions!

5 Years of Service
Shaina Adams-El Guabli, Center for Global Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
Valerie Bailey Fischer, Chaplains’ Office
Lauren Barenski, President’s Office
Eileen Bellamy, Office of Communications
Justine Beringer, Grants Office
Ashley Bianchi, Student Financial Services
Josh Bishop, Facilities
Tilly Brulé, Dining Services
John Burrow, Theatre Department
Lindsey Cappuccio, Chemistry Department
Aaron Charbonneau, Dining Services
Cristi Charron, Facilities
Deb Chaulk, Advancement Operations
Chip Chesbro, Facilities
Allie Clark, Athletics Department
Amy Cohen-McFall, Williams College Museum of Art
Alex DiAddezio, Admission Office
Pam Franks, Williams College Museum of Art
Ashley Goodell, Dining Services
Michael Grinnell, Integrative Wellbeing Services
Wyatt Harrison, Dining Services
Brittany Hazell, Campus Safety Services
Cecilia Hirsch, Human Resources
Anne Kennedy, Williams College Museum of Art
Ivy Krofta, Academic Peer Support
Dan MacQuarrie, Athletics Department
Graham Marks, Athletics Department
Bob McBain, Student Medical Services
Gabriel Oleson, Dining Services
Christine Parker, Development Office
Steve Phillips, Athletics Department
Hale Polebaum-Freeman, Williams Libraries
Jessica Russell, Integrative Wellbeing Services
Marc Schleicher, Facilities
Jack Snyder, Science Center
Mark Tanguay, Dining Services
Gayle Tardif-Raser, Williams College Museum of Art
Phillip Taylor, Williams College Museum of Art
Rachana Tetreault, Dining Services
T. J. Vareschi, Dining Services
Roberto Viquez, Facilities
Samantha Warner, Campus Safety Services
Kyle Yager, Dance Department

10 Years of Service
Mike Bodnarik, Office of Campus Life
Veronica Bosley, Alumni Engagement
Ivy Campos, Office of Campus Life
Wendy Coakley, Alumni Engagement
Rita Coppola-Wallace, Planning, Design, & Construction
Jay Corey, Office of Communications
Tracy Finnegan, Center for Learning in Action
Mark Florczyk, Campus Safety Services
James Guest, Dining Services
Ricky Harrington, Facilities
Lynn Hattat-Dean, Dining Services
Norma Miller, Office for Information Technology
Kevin Murphy, Williams College Museum of Art
Julie Murphy, Development Office
Colin Ovitsky, Center for Learning in Action
Richard Perras, Dining Services
Jordan Phillips, Dining Services
Katelyn Piaggi, Dining Services
Carol Rand, Human Resources
Mark Reach, Development Office
Anna Robertson, Athletics Department
Ikhlas Safa, Williams College Children’s Center
Jill St. John, Dining Services
David Tarsa, Facilities
Dave Waynick, Auxiliary & Administrative Services

15 Years of Service
Darlene Alderman, Development Office
Jenna Belanger, Dining Services
Yvette Belleau, Facilities
Bonnie Bresett, Williams College Children’s Center
David Chalifoux, Williams Libraries
Chris Desnoyers, Williams Libraries
Lisa Dorin, Williams College Museum of Art
Carrie Gagne, Williams College Children’s Center
Danielle Gonzalez, Human Resources
Allison Haley, Williams College Children’s Center
Conny Isby, Development Office
Stanley Lawrence, Facilities
Chester Lewis, Facilities
Robert Murach, Facilities
David Parks, Office for Information Technology
Kim Racine, Facilities
Ellen Richardson, Williams College Children’s Center
Cristina Rosse Baker, Facilities
Jose Sanchez Herrera, Facilities
Brad Sherman, Facilities
Michael Valenti, Facilities
Audrey Werner, Biology Department
Laura Zepka, Williams Libraries

20 Years of Service
Shane Baker, Facilities
Bernie Baker, Facilities
Laurie Barbeau, Finance
Chris Cooper, Facilities
Patti Exster, Grants Office
Amy Filson, Development Office
John Gerry, Dean of Faculty’s Office
David Mangiacotti, Facilities
Terri Melville, Admission Office
Robin Meyer, 68 Center for Career Exploration
Dave Morrison, Facilities
Jay Racela, Center for Environmental Studies
Ronald Rancatti, Facilities
Doug Schiazza, Office of Campus Life
Mark Thompson, Dining Services

25 Years of Service
Katie Bassette, Dining Services
Scott Braman, Campus Safety Services
Karen Brulé, Student Medical Services
Charles Churchill, Facilities
Judith Dodge, Dining Services
Lew Fisher, Development Office
Jean Grant, Accessible Education
Robin Keller, Philosophy Department
Jeanette Kopczynski, Dining Services
Margaret Koperniak, Office for Information Technology
Gabriel McHale, Office for Information Technology
Michael Richardson, Office for Information Technology
Joan Scott, Dining Services
Chris Vince, Dining Services

30 Years of Service
Stefan Berger, Facilities
Richard Daniels, Facilities
Thomas Demeo, Campus Safety Services
Kevin Erdeski, Dining Services
Lisa Gazaille, Finance
Tricia Koch, Dining Services
Patricia Malanga, English Department

35 Years of Service
Beth Erdeski, Auxiliary & Administrative Services
Paula Langer, Student Financial Services
Richard Lescarbeau, Art Department
Amy Tatro, Williams College Museum of Art

Tracy Baker-White, Center for Learning in Action
Marissa Barschdorf, Mathematics/Statistics
David Beauchamp, Facilities
Colleen Bethoney, VP for Finance & Operations
Jane Canova, Center for Foreign Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
Lynn Chick, Fellowships Office
Bev Delisle, Dining Services
Ed Derby, Facilities
Dave Dewey, Development Office
Judi Dodge, Center for Development Economics/Dining Services
Sara Feathers, Dining Services
Deb Flynn, Student Medical Services
Francis Fredette, Dining Services
CJ Gillig, Psychology
Mika Hirai, Office for Information Technology
Tamra Hjermstad, Office for Information Technology
Sue Hogan, Finance
Cindy Kimball, Advancement Operations
Deb LaPine, Alumni Engagement
Tammy Lefevbre, Facilities
Carol Parker, Dining Services
Norm Parker, Williams Libraries
Mark Phillips, Dining Services
Adam Wang, Office for Information Technology
Rob White, Communications
Doug Wright, Facilities