Appreciation Day 2021

The college is proud to recognize the following staff for their dedicated service. Please join us in congratulating them as they celebrate their milestone anniversary this year. An extra special congratulations to our employees who have retired. Thank you for your many contributions!

5 Years of Service

Wendy Adam, Integrative Wellbeing Services
Derek Andren, Investment Office
Walter Andrzejewski, Facilities
Matthew Bohmer, Facilities
Don Boudreau, Facilities
Sam Boyden, Office of Campus Life
Vanessa Brown, Athletics Department
Sean Burbank, Investment Office
Markus Burns, Admission Office
Emmelyn Butterfield-Rosen, Graduate Program-Art History
Aja Callander, Williams College Children’s Center
Cory Campbell, Office for Information Technology
John Carvalho, Facilities
Keenan Chenail, Planning Design & Construction
Wesley Childers, Facilities
Lisa Conathan, Williams Libraries
Nathan Cook, Chemistry Department
Leila Derstine, Alumni Relations
Amanda Despain, Williams College Children’s Center
David Dickinson, Dining Services
Jodi Easton, Williams College Children’s Center
Noah Ellis, Controller’s Office
Yolanda Galbreath, Human Resources
Jessie Garner, Office of Financial Aid
Michelle Gingras, Student Medical Services
Stephanie Gonzalez, Admission Office
Daniel Goudrouffe, Art Department
Patrick Gray, Office for Information Technology
Brandon Gruver, Athletics Department
Bonnie Haig, Student Medical Services
Cheryl Handsaker, Office for Information Technology
CJ Hazell, Dining Services
Scott Henderson, Planning Design & Construction
Meike Kaan, Office of Communications
Justin Kinney, Controller’s Office
Don Kjelleren, ’68 Center for Career Exploration
Mike LaBonte, Dining Services
Kathi Lampron, Advancement Operations
Stephen Lazarczyk, Dining Services
Tara Lescarbeau, Facilities
Colleen Little, VP College Relations Office
G. L. M. Wallace, Academic Resources
Meredith Mesaris, Athletics Department
Ramon Mignott, Athletics Department
Jeff Miller, Music Department
Colin Moran, Facilities
Marise Morse, Williams Libraries
Laura Muller, Academic Resources
Cate Nowlan, Williams College Children’s Center
David Owens-Branco, Williams Libraries
Nathan Pare, Facilities
Nicole Pelczynski, Williams Libraries
Ninah Pretto, Dean’s Office
Kristopher Reopell, Facilities
Jordon Richardson, Facilities
Gary Scarfone, Campus Safety Services
Douglas Schlaefer, Planning Design & Construction
Wendy Skavlem, Development Office
Ryan Tainter, Office of Communications
PJ Venti, Development Office
Samantha Warner, Campus Safety Services
Bridget Wiffin, Grants Office
Twink Williams Burns, Admission Office

10 Years of Service

Matthew Baya, Office for Information Technology
Brittany Burdick, Williams College Children’s Center
Charlotte Clark, Dining Services
Jessika Drmacich, Williams Libraries
Sara Feathers, Williams Libraries
Paul Gitterman, Integrative Wellbeing Services
Nancy Gwozdz, Williams College Museum of Art
Todd Hoffmann, Controller’s Office
Ken Konopka, Office for Information Technology
Jacob Miller, Office for Information Technology
Katelyn Monroe, Campus Safety Services
Jonathan Myers, Music Department
Frederick Puddester, VP Finance & Administration Office
Mark Robertson, Development Office
Michael Rosier, Dining Services
Allison Stitcher, Dining Services
Carl Strolle, Office of Communications

15 Years of Service

Fred Ackley, Dining Services
Juan Baena, Alumni Relations
Tracy Baker-White, Center for Learning in Action
Nate Cariddi, Facilities
Dan Cellana, Facilities
Collette Chilton, Investment Office
Elizabeth Creighton, Admission Office
Maria Cruz, Student Medical Services
Debra Decelles, Campus Safety Services
Payton Dupuis, Dining Services
Cathy Duverney, Dining Services
Paul Ethier, Facilities
Deborah Flynn, Student Medical Services
Melissa Fortini, Admission Office
Paulette Huls, Dining Services
David Jolin, Facilities
Bryan Kopala, Facilities
Mark Lancia, Campus Safety Services
Rodd Lanoue, Athletics Department
Arthur Larabee, Facilities
Joshua Lear, Dining Services
Tammy Lefebvre, Facilities
Amy McKenna, Art Department
Melissa Mongeon, Controller’s Office
Zachary Myers, Facilities
Rob Swann, Alumni Relations
Wayne Tovani, Dining Services
Nathaniel Wiessner, Theatre Department
Sarah Willette, Admission Office

20 Years of Service

Cheryl Brigley, Development Office
Jim Butler, Dining Services
Beverly Delisle, Dining Services
Marc Field, Facilities
Brooks Foehl, Alumni Relations
Linda Grandshaw, History Department
Mika Hirai, Office for Information Technology
Diane Koperniak, President’s Office
Mark LaBonte, Dining Services
Shaun Lennon, Campus Safety Services
Wendy Matte, Advancement Operations
Christopher Moresi, Dining Services
Trevor Murphy, Office for Information Technology
Maria Recco, Chemistry Department
Maia Robbins-Zust, Theatre Department
Ernani Rosse, Facilities
Pam Shea, Admission Office
Michael Storm, Office of Communications
Marsha Williams, Dining Services

25 Years of Service

Randall Benoit, Facilities
David Carpenter, Facilities
Dawn Dellea, ’68 Center for Career Exploration
Gisela Demant, Chemistry Department
Kimberly Hogue, Development Office
Peter Mazzacco, Campus Safety Services
Edward Nowlan, Office for Information Technology
Jennifer Swoap, Center for Learning in Action
Karen Theiling, Integrative Wellbeing Services

30 Years of Service

William Allen, Dining Services
Scott Huls, Facilities
Robin Kibler, Williams Libraries
Dorothy Lewis, Center for Environmental Studies
Ada Moreno, Dining Services
Timothy Roberts, Facilities
Debra Rogers-Gillig, Biology Department
Douglas Rydell, Office for Information Technology
Rachel Tassone, Williams College Museum of Art

35 Years of Service

Robert Kelly, Dining Services
Deborah LaPine, Alumni Relations
Julie Menard, Advancement Operations
John Morrissey, Facilities
Alison O’Grady, Williams Libraries
Donna Santiago, Williams Libraries
Laurie Wiles, Dining Services

40 Years of Service

Scott Duncan, Facilities
Mark Phillips, Dining Services

45 Years of Service

Wayne Hammond, Williams Libraries
Linda McGraw, Williams College Museum of Art


Michael Briggs, Planning Design & Construction
Jane Canova, Center for Foreign Languages, Literature, and Culture
Barb Casey, Dean’s Office
Thoeun Ching, Dining Services
Marilyn Cole Dostie, Music Department
Robin Coody, Facilities
Maggie Driscoll, VP Institutional Diversity Equity & Inclusion Office
Donald Girard, Facilities
John Gravel, Facilities
Frederick Jolin, Facilities
Walter Komorowski, Williams Libraries
Nancy Luczynski, Chaplains’ Office
James Menard, Facilities
JoAnne Moran, Planning Design & Construction
Robert Neville, Facilities
Robert Noel, Facilities
Michael Noyes, Facilities
Roger Parks, Facilities
Alesia Parks, Facilities
Michael Reopell, Advancement Operations
Barbara Robertson, Admission Office
Ellen Rougeau, Office of Campus Life
Donna Santiago, Williams Libraries
Tony Sinico, Campus Safety Services
Theodore Stefanik, Dining Services
Roberta Sweet, Williams College Children’s Center
Stacy Sylvester, Dining Services
Margaret Weyers, Anthropology and Sociology Department