Appreciation Day 2019

The college is proud to recognize the following staff for 5, 10, 15, and 20 years of service at an Appreciation Day luncheon on May 7th. Employees with 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of service will be recognized at an Appreciation Day dinner that evening. Retirees will be recognized at a dinner on May 22nd.

5 Years of Service

Lara Aillon-Sohl, Integrative Wellbeing Services
Jon Allbee, Williams College Museum of Art
Bilal Ansari, The Davis Center
Ellie Atwater, Williams College Children’s Center
Gary Bonafilia, Facilities
Sara Bonthuis, Williams College Museum of Art
Meg Bossong, Dean’s Office
Daryle Bost, Development Office
Jeffrey Bryant, Facilities
Janine Burt, Human Resources
Jill Campbell, Athletics Department
Ashley Chapman, Development Office
Megan Childers, Human Resources
Amy Clemo, Dining Services
Joe Cooper, Facilities
Becky Crane, Integrative Wellbeing Services
Eileen Daugherty, Office for Information Technology
Brian Dowling, Athletics Department
Gabrielle Dudley, Dining Services
Thomas Eastland, Facilities
Tiffany Errichetto, Dining Services
Mike Evans, Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives
Heather Forman, Development Office
Crystel Frusciente, Facilities
Shaun Garvey, Facilities
James Godfrey, Dining Services
Parvin Hajizadeh, Williams College Museum of Art
Janine Hetherington, Development Office
Shaun Howland, Facilities
Mark LaPine, Facilities
Dusty Lopez, Athletics Department
Monica Mackey, Development Office
Jason Mativi, Science Center
Joey McClain, Dining Services
Sean McGrath, Development Office
Nancy Mitton, Classics Department
Donna Myers, Integrative Wellbeing Services
Christine Russell, Psychology Department
Jonathan Saulsbery, Office for Information Technology
Theresa Sawyer, Facilities
Meghan Sweet, Williams College Children’s Center
Annie Valk, Institutional Diversity & Equity Office
Brad Wakoff, Geosciences Department
Ben Wood, Integrative Wellbeing Services
Sharifa Wright, Alumni Relations

10 Years of Service

David Ackerson, Athletics Department
Mary Dzbenski, Williams Libraries
Katya King, Office of Fellowships
Carly Knight, Williams College Children’s Center
Channa Mam, Dining Services
Michael Menard, Dining Services
Megan Morey, College Relations
Courtney Phelps, Williams College Children’s Center
Todd Walker, Dining Services
Abigail Wattley, Investment Office
Bernadine Williams, Development Office

15 Years of Service

Barbara Bell, Theatre Department
Kris Dufour, Office of Communications
Mark Grandchamp, Facilities
Anita Gutmann, Provost’s Office
Erik Kristensen, Campus Safety and Security
Nicole Landy, Dining Services
Michelle Larabee, Facilities
Tee Martin, Dining Services
Sheila Mason, Development Office
Kortni Pikula, Admission Office
Katie Price, Development Office
Lisa Remillard, Facilities
Nicki Renaud, Registrar’s Office
Nicole Wilson, Registrar’s Office
Chris Winters, Provost’s Office

20 Years of Service

Michele Alice, Williams College Museum of Art
Karen Benko, Williams Libraries
Christine Blackman, Williams Libraries
Sherman Derby, Facilities
Alice Gelheiser, Student Medical Services
Donald Girard, Facilities
Reina Gutierrez, Dining Services
Andrew Jones, Center for Environmental Studies
Kelly Kervan, Controller’s Office
Jody Kocsis, Facilities
Tina Lemaire, Facilities
JoAnne Moran, Facilities
Robert Noel, Facilities
Richard Noyes, Dining Services
Michelle Picard, Music Department
Thomas Powers, Center for Development Economics
Ellen Rougeau, Office of Student Life
Karen Saunders, Dining Services
Paul Smernoff, Office for Information Technology
Bill Southgate, Facilities
Deb Stawarz, Human Resources
Lynn Taft, Williams Libraries
Daniel Viall, Science Center
Shelby Walden, Facilities
Adam Wang, Office for Information Technology
Alison Warner, Campus Safety and Security
Robert White, Dean’s Office

25 Years of Service

James Allison, Williams College Museum of Art
Brenda Aubin, Dining Services
Wendy Berasi, Facilities
Alfred Boyer, Athletics Department
Keli Gail, President’s Office
Howard Garbarsky, Athletics Department
Kathy Kimball, Dining Services
David Maselli, Facilities
Jill Mendel, Controller’s Office

30 Years of Service

David Boyer, Facilities
David Boyer, Campus Safety and Security
Barbara Casey, Dean’s Office
Lynn Chick, Office of Fellowships
Donna Denelli-Hess, Student Medical Services
Betsy Hobson, Office of Financial Aid
Walter Komorowski, Williams Libraries
Kyle Lawson, Facilities
Roger Parks, Facilities
Dick Quinn, Office of Communications
Donna Richardson, Development Office
Karen Ware, Athletics Department

35 Years of Service

Edward Bourdon, Facilities
James Kolesar, President’s Office
Diane Noyes-Tovani, Dining Services
Kim Altiere, Admission Office
Peggy Weyers, Anthropology and Sociology Department

45 Years of Service

Bob Neville, Facilities


Thomas Bearup, Facilities
Marilynne Beaulieu, Advancement Operations
David Berger, Dining Services
Cheryl Brewer, Office for Information Technology
Sue Clairmont, Admission Office
Kim Clark, Student Medical Services
David Fitzgerald, Facilities
Joanna Gabler, Williams Libraries
Gary Guerin, Athletics Department
Raymond Larabee, Facilities
Kris Maloney, Human Resources
Linda McGraw, Williams Libraries
Mary Morrison, Registrar’s Office
Richard Nesbitt, Admission Office
Pamela Richard, Facilities
Chris Robare, Development Office
Gail Rondeau Hebert, Office of Student Life
John Shea, Real Estate
Gregory Smith, Williams College Museum of Art
Nancy Snyder, Facilities
Valerie Turner, Facilities
Robert Volpi, Dining Services
David Wilson, Facilities
Bob Wright, Facilities