Campus Tours for Employees and Spouses/Partners (Spring 2024)

Curious to learn more about the Williams campus?  Our tours are designed for those who enjoy the resources of the campus as family members or employees.

Join us to find out about what resources are generally available, as well as the stories and activities behind major buildings and campus areas. Children welcome, dogs OK (but with limitations on going inside any buildings).

General Tours:
  • April 1: 12 noon
  • April 19: 4pm
  • May 21: 12 noon
  • June 4: 8am
  • July 8: 5pm
  • July 17: 9am

Campus tours usually start  in front of the Human Resources entrance, by the Where’d You Get That?! shop. Count about an hour with steady walking.

Athletic Facilities Tours:
  • May 1: 8am
  • May 31: 4pm
  • June 7: 8 am

Athletic Facilities tours usually start  in front of the main Athletic Facilities entrance, by Tasha Yoga at the top of Spring Street. Count about 45 minutes with multiple steps.

Please sign up ahead of time by emailing  Cecilia Hirsch (Manager of Spouse/Partner Resources)​. We can also coordinate a different, more convenient, meeting time or a tour with more accessibility accommodations. Just email!