College Holidays | Cultural & Religious Observances

College Holidays

As outlined in the staff handbook, certain days throughout the year are designated as college holidays.  On some occasions, the college is officially closed and only essential services are maintained, while on other occasions the college remains in operation but administrative offices may close or curtail services. 

When the college is officially closed, non-exempt employees who are required to work on that day will receive additional pay, typically straight time plus time and a half for hours worked that day. 

  • New Year’s Day – college closed
  • Independence Day (July 4th) – college closed
  • Thanksgiving Day & the day after – college closed
  • Christmas Eve & Christmas Day – college closed

The college remains in operation on the following holidays. Employees who are required to work can float that holiday to a different day of their choosing within the fiscal year.  

  • Martin Luther King Day – college in operation
  • Memorial Day – college in operation
  • Labor Day – college in operation
  • Winter Shutdown break (with the exception of Christmas Eve & Day) – the college remains in operation

The college also provides one floating holiday that may be used at the employee’s discretion.  This day is available at the start of a new fiscal year (July 1) and is forfeited if not used by the end of the fiscal year (June 30).  The use of this day should be arranged in advance with the employee’s supervisor.

Cultural & Religious Observances

In July 2021, the college launched a pilot to provide paid time off for cultural and religious observances. Employees can use the “Cultural or Religious Observation” code for this purpose when reporting time in PeopleSoft, if the observance does not align with the college’s holiday calendar. Time off must still be arranged in advance with the employee’s supervisor.  More information about this can be found here

Staff should always follow specific departmental protocols for time off requests.