End-of-Year Celebration (12/15)


Tuesday December 15, 8 to 9pm


This December we can’t gather as we normally would- but let’s not let that stop us! Join others from the +1Network for a fast and fun hour of laughter and connection. We will use polls and more quiz-show approaches to share some of our “accomplishments” or “milestones” during this strange year, which may just be having mastered a recipe or reconnected with a pet.

We will start together and then pop into breakout zoom rooms to connect more in-person.

The more the merrier! Those who attend will be randomly entered in a raffle to win one of these terrific 2020 parting gifts:

Response form is HERE. Please reply by 9 am December 15.


(2020 image Creator: ThomasVogel Credit: Getty Images. Content edits by Cecilia Hirsch)