Fall Activity Challenge Starts September 18, 2017!

Wellness Seminars

Wellness at Williams is kicking off the final Activity Challenge for 2017. Individuals, not teams, will be tracking minutes of exercise!

While our community has many options to get active, we know not everyone goes to the gym or trains for marathons. That’s why this challenge is different! The goal is to get participants to become more active each day outside of their normal daily routine and track their progress toward better health. So get out there and get active!


If you complete 900 minutes of exercise at the end of 6 weeks then you will receive $100! (less applicable taxes). You will only be eligible to receive the $100 for one challenge each year.

This will be an individual challenge. All subscribers who complete 900 total minutes of exercise will be entered into a raffle for a $25 Amazon Gift Card (taxable).

The challenge begins September 18, 2017 and ends at midnight on October 30, 2017. Individual online registration begins on September 11th – 24th. When you log into ahealthyme.com and click Sign Up under Challenges, enter your name and get mooving!

What is considered moderate exercise? Our definition of moderate exercise is simple: it’s any movement that uses large muscle groups as opposed to sitting or lying down. So carve out some time from your normal day-to-day routine and engage in a physical activity you enjoy!

From kayaking to soccer, everyone can find an activity (or two or three) that will help them meet the physical activity goals. You can choose to enjoy the beauty of the Bike RiderBerkshires by hiking, biking, walking, running or focus on indoor activities such as swimming, Pilates, yoga, Spinning, boot camp, weight training, basketball, jump roping, and many other activities!   You might notice that your favorite activity is not listed, you can even add your own.

Use your own tracking device, app, or no device at all.  Simply keep track of the minutes spent exercising, enter the minutes at your ahealthyme.com, and the activity will automatically update!

Review the FAQ for more information.

Questions? Contact Kris Maloney ext 4478, Megan Bates ext 4355 or any other member of the Wellness Committee.