Google Hangouts Meet: Step by Step (3/26)

Google Hangouts Meet: Step by Step
facilitated by Kevin Thomas, Learning & Development Manager
Thursday, March 26, 2020
2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
via Live Stream for presentation (no registration required), instructions for joining below
followed by a Google Hangouts Meet for discussion, questions, and practice (registration required, register below).

Google Hangouts Meet is the videoconferencing technology supported by Williams.  In this live stream presentation, you’ll learn:

  • How to create a Hangouts Meeting within Google Calendar, and invite people to join
  • How to join a Hangouts Meeting when it is time for it to start
  • How to share your screen within a Google Hangouts Meeting
  • How to record a Google Hangouts Meet for later viewing
  • How to use other settings to optimize your experience
  • Some best practices to make Hangouts Meetings productive

Instructions for joining Live Stream

  1. At the appointed time, click on the link.
  2. If it asks which account you want to log in as, choose your account.  Note: you will not be able to join without logging in using your account.
  3. You’ll be taken to the live stream.

Register for Discussion, Questions, and Practice Google Hangouts Meet

After the Live Stream, you’re welcome to join a standard videoconference meeting to ask questions, share your thoughts, and experiment with the technology.  To receive an invitation to that meeting, register below.