Important Update to Prescription Benefits

As previously announced, Williams College has switched its prescription benefit coverage from Blue Cross Blue Shield to SmithRx effective January 1, 2021.  Please refer to the Pharmacy Plan benefits page for more information.  You have probably already received a new BCBS ID card for your medical insurance but the SmithRx prescription drug benefit ID cards have been delayed in this year’s unusually high mail volume.

If you need access to prescriptions before you receive the new physical ID cards from SmithRx, please email Kristen MacFarlane at [email protected] or Megan Childers at [email protected]Your Blue Cross Blue Shield ID card will no longer provide you with access to prescriptions.  If you had to purchase a prescription in January before the SmithRx card arrived, you can be reimbursed for the true insurance copay or cost.

When you receive your SmithRx ID card, please register on their customer service portal at where you can access claims for prescriptions among other information and resources. Make sure you give your new member ID card information to your primary care, pharmacy, and other providers to ensure continued access to prescription medications. Mail-order prescriptions can be set up or transferred through Serve You DirectRx.

For a copy of the letter and information sent with the cards – see SmithRx Welcome Packet.