Inclement Weather Closure

Administrative Offices and the Children’s Center will be closed Thursday, December 17th due to the impending storm.

Staff who have traditionally been designated “essential” for the purpose of weather emergencies (e.g., Campus Safety, Facilities, and Dining) should report to work as directed by your supervisor.

Staff working remotely should continue to do so during a weather emergency to the extent possible (allowing for power outages, etc.). If you work on campus but can transition to remote during a weather emergency, please do so. Support staff who work from home should record your hours as usual.

If you are not able to work from home and a weather emergency is declared, you will be paid according to the college’s weather-related leave policy.

In the event conditions change, announcements will be made on the local television station: WTEN/News 10. The weather line is also available for employees to call at 413-597-ICEY (597-4239). If you have questions regarding this, please contact your department head or any member of the Human Resources staff.

Stay safe and warm.