Local Dental Provider Insurance Change

We recently learned that local dentist, Karen Lartin, DDS, will no longer take the College’s Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Blue insurance and will be considered an out-of-network provider as of June 1, 2022 for those of us on the college plan. Dr. Lartin sent a letter directly to her patients, notifying them of her decision. The college has no influence over this decision but we wanted to take the opportunity to advise the College community of how the billing for her services will change and remind folks how to find an in-network provider if they are interested in switching.  

Dr. Lartin has indicated that she will continue to submit claims to Blue Cross Blue Shield on a patient’s behalf, however, members of the College’s dental plan should expect to:

*      Pay her for all services performed, including cleanings, the day of the service being performed.

*      Be reimbursed through Blue Cross Blue Shield at the usual and customary rate assigned to the service. This reimbursement usually does not equal the amount charged to patients by out-of-network providers and you will be responsible to pay any amounts charged by Dr. Lartin that are greater than the reimbursement amount from BCBS.

We suggest that all dental patients using out-of-network providers request a pre-treatment estimate for procedures from their provider. The pre-treatment authorization will detail the costs of the care and the amount for which you will be responsible, avoiding any surprise costs.

Please feel free to email Megan Childers at mab7 with questions related to the College’s dental plan. For your convenience, we have included lists of dental providers below who are in-network to the College’s Dental Blue plan. 

Dental Blue PPO In-Network Providers      Dental Blue In-Network Providers

Please contact Dr. Lartin directly for any questions related to her billing practices as an out-of-network provider or to request pre-treatment estimates.