KN95 Mask Distribution

Williams students, faculty and staff,

I am pleased to announce that the college has received a shipment of KN95 masks for campus use. We will begin distributing them immediately.

The college obtained 15,000 masks in packets of five. We expect to receive a further shipment in the coming weeks.

Here is the distribution plan for the first packets:

  • Packets will be provided to people who are enrolled in the college’s testing program, and who choose to use the college supply.
  • Students: Mailroom staff will place a packet in each of your mailboxes by the end of the day today. You do not have to do anything except pick them up.
  • Staff and faculty colleagues: you can pick up your packets during your testing appointment, starting today. They will be available at both the Clark Hall and Towne Field House (drive-through) sites. We will continue to distribute them next week, for those who test at the start of the week.
  • Please wait until your test appointment to pick up masks. To ensure fair distribution and limit traffic we will only provide them to people during their scheduled test.
  • Update: If you have tested positive and are not part of the testing program now, or if you are a student who lives off campus, you can pick up your packet at the Facilities Department front office at 60 Latham Street during their office hours of 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

For those not used to KN95s, please note that these should not be treated as one-time disposable masks. Replacements will not be available until our further shipments arrive. I urge you to review the CDC’s advice on how to safely store and clean masks so you can make yours last for their full, safe lifetime.


We know people have been eager to receive masks from the college. I appreciate your patience and want to thank Director of Administrative Services Dave Waynick and Manager for Procurement and Auxiliary Services Bob Harris for securing the masks amidst global supply-chain challenges.

Mike Wagner