New Faces, New Roles

We welcome these new employees to the college and congratulate those in new positions within the college!

September 2018
Debora Azevedo, Mail and Storage Assistant, Office of Student Life
Lauren Barenski, House Manager, President’s House
Eileen Baumgartner, Senior Designer, Office of Communications
Sam Boyden, Assistant Director for Student Centers and Events, Office of Student Life
Lindsey Cappuccio, Technical Assistant for Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology Program, Chemistry
Rachana Chhuon, Dishwasher, Dining Services
Shealee Cooke, Children’s Center Lead Teacher, Williams College Children’s Center
Ethan Eldred, Theater Technician, Theater Department
Christine Elderle, Children’s Center Teacher, Williams College Children’s Center
Pamela Franks, Class of ’56 Director of the Williams College Museum of Art, Williams College Museum of Art
Danielle Gonzalez, Director of Human Resources, Human Resources
Ivy Krofta, Peer Tutor Coordinator, Academic Resources
Katlynn Lemaire, Lead Custodian, Facilities
Lauren Mazza, Assistant Coach for Women’s Lacrosse, Athletics
Gabriel Oleson, Dishwasher, Athletics
Steven Phillips, Assistant Coach of Men’s JV Basketball, Athletics
Ivy Rodriguez, Financial and Administrative Coordinator, Office of Student Life
Connor Samuelson, Assistant Coach of Men’s Lacrosse, Athletics
Jack Snyder Jr., Animal Caretaker, Science Center
Mark Tanguay Jr., Snack Bar Attendant, Dining Services

August 2018
Shaina Adams-El Guabli, Language Media Specialist, Center for Foreign Languages, Literature, and Culture
Vanessa Brown, Assistant Coach of Women’s Volleyball, Athletics
Matthew Colbert, Assistant  Coach of Baseball, Athletics
Alexandra DiAddezio, Admission Counselor, Admission Office
Nicholas Giard, Assistant  Coach of Men’s Basketball, Athletics
Michael Grinnell, Fellow, Integrative Wellbeing Services
Brittany Lillie, Snack Bar Attendant, Dining Services
Hannah Lipstein, Violence Prevention Coordinator, Dean’s Office
Daniel MacQuarrie, Assistant  Coach of Swimming, Athletics
Linda McGraw, Security Officer/Visitor Services, Williams College Museum of Art
Marise Morse Mahose, Access Services Assistant, Williams Libraries
Jamie Norton, Assistant  Coach of Men’s and Women’s Cross Country and Track, Athletics
Tressa Palcheck, Assistant  Coach of Women’s Soccer, Athletics
Courtney Phelps, Children’s Center Lead Teacher, Williams College Children’s Center
Eric Sorenson, Assistant  Coach of Men’s Ice Hockey, Athletics
Felix Sun, Assistant  Coach of Men’s and Women’s Tennis, Athletics
Nicholas Thompson, Assistant  Coach of Men’s Soccer, Athletics
Marisa Turner, Assistant  Coach of Men’s Track, Athletics
Gillian Wood, Assistant Director of Admission, Admission Office

July 2018
Rev. Valerie Bailey Fischer, Chaplain to the College, Chaplains Office
Tracy Baker, Advancement Informations Systems Operations Manager, Advancement Informations Systems
Daniel Barnes, Shipping and Receiving Assistant, Williams Libraries
Ashley Bianchi, Director of Financial Aid, Office of Financial Aid
Krista Birch, Administrative Director, Oakley Center for Human and Social Science
Cristi Charron, Custodian, Facilities
Ana Cecilia Del Cid-Liccardi, Assistant Director, The Davis Center
Hadley DesMeules, Interim Manager of Student and Visitor Engagement, Williams College Museum of Art
Cecilia Hirsch, Spouse Partner Resources Manager, Human Resources
Didier Jean-Michel, Alumni Fund Coordinator
Cindy Kimball, Manager of Gift Administration, Advancement Information Systems
Justin Kinney, Senior Accountant, Controllers Office
Jeremy Lawless, Assistant Coach of Men’s and Women’s Alpine Skiing, Athletics
Sulgi Lim, Director of Admission, Admission Office
Apoorva Menon, Psychotherapist, Integrative Wellbeing Services
Antony Palmer, Entrepreneur-In-Residence, ’68 Center for Career Exploration
Madeline Polidoro, Assistant Director for Residential Life and Housing, Office of Student Life
Ninah Pretto, Associate Dean of International Student Services, Dean’s Office
Aramis Sanchez Jr., John A. Lowe III ’73 Special Collections Postbaccalaureate Fellow, Williams Libraries
March Schleicher, Mechanical Trades Technician, Facilities
Dawn Schoorlemmer, Departmental Administrative Assistant, Science Center
Jennifer Swoap, Associate Director/Director of Elementary Outreach, Center for Learning in Action

June 2018
Patrick Anderson, Float Custodian, Facilities
Caroline Bruno, Sustainability Coordinator, Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives
Caroline Hogan, Investment Analyst, Investment Office
Christopher Sewell, Associate Dean of the College, Dean’s Office
Tyler Vareschi, Catering Cook, Dining Services

May 2018
Lauren Tinger, Assistant Manager of Student Accounts, Controller’s Office

April 2018
Emily Burr, Employer Outreach and Communications Coordinator, Career Center
Aaron Charbonneau, Cook’s Assistant, Dining Services
Mitchell Gavazzi, Dishwasher, Dining Services
Scott McKeen, Preventative Maintenance Mechanic, Facilities
Allisa Miller, Science and Health Professions Coordinator, Career Center
Sarah Raymond, Recruiting Coordinator for Women’s Soccer, Athletics Department
April Ruiz, Associate Dean of the College, Dean’s Office
Stephen Travis, Animal Caretaker Assistant, Science Center
Daniel Viall, Senior Animal Caretaker, Science Center
Bridget Wiffin, Director of the Grants Office, Grants Office
Kyle Yager, Production Manager, Dance Department

March 2018
Don Boudreau, Mechanical Trades Foreman, Facilities
Carlyle Chesbro, Mechanical Trades Lead, Facilities
James Godfrey III, Assistant Catering Chef, Dining Services
Anne Kennedy, Museum Shop Manager, Williams College Museum of Art
Ernani Rosse, Architectural Tradesperson, Facilities

February 2018
Charlotte Clark, Mission Park Unit Manager, Dining Services
Valerie Foster, Principal Giving Coordinator, Development Office
Paula Langer, Manager of Student Accounts, Controller’s Office
Matthew Marks, Assistant Chaco of Men’s Crew
Joey McClain, Whitman’s Unit Manager, Dining Services
Jason Racela, Lab Supervisor and Lecturer, Center for Environmental Studies

January 2018
James Art, General Counsel, VP of Finance and Administration Office
Laurie Booth, Administrative Assistant, Center for Development Economics
Joshua Fiechter, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Psychology Department
Justine Finch-Beringer, Executive Assistant, Dean of the Faculty’s Office
Robert Foster, Dishwasher, Dining Services
Scott LaChapelle, Assistant Director of Employer Relations, Career Center
Tatiana McInnis, Associate Director of the Davis Center, The Davis Center
Norman Nguyen, Assistant Coach of Men’s and Women’s Tennis, Athletics
Christine Parker, Major Gifts Coordinator, Development Office
Michael Rodriguez, Alumni Relations Coordinator, Alumni Relations
Andrea Villamaino, Alumni Fund Leadership/Major Gifts Coordinator, Development
Kendra Werst, Assistant Visual Resources Curator, Art Department
Patrick White, Assistant Coach of Men’s Lacrosse, Athletics