New Faculty Staff Accident Reporting Process

We are pleased to announce a new streamlined employee accident reporting process. The new forms eliminate the old paper forms, ensure both HR and Safety and Environmental Compliance receive this information right away, and provide a more secure way of reporting sensitive information.

Should a regular or temporary staff or faculty member have a workplace accident that results in an injury, the process is as follows:

  1. The Employee immediately reports the accident and injury to their supervisor
  2. The Employee completes the NEW online Accident Reporting Form*
  3. The Supervisor completes the online Supervisor Accident Investigation Report

*Supervisors will receive email notification of the Accident Reporting Form submission. 

If an employee is unable to immediately complete the Accident Reporting Form due to a pressing need for medical attention, their supervisor should submit the Accident Investigation Report with available information. Please contact Megan Childers in Human Resources or Frank Pekarski in Safety and Environmental Compliance with any questions.

Forms can be found on the Human Resources Forms page under Benefits. They must be submitted within 12 hours of the accident in order for the college to fulfill its notice requirement to OSHA. Williams College insures all employees experiencing qualifying accidents under its license with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a self-insurer for workers’ compensation. More information can be found in the Workers’ Compensation policy.