Open Enrollment Announcement 2022

Dear Faculty and Staff Colleagues:

January 1, 2022, marks the beginning of a new year for the College’s benefit plans. The open enrollment period for making any changes is Monday, October 11 – Monday, November 1, 2021. As in past years, this is an active enrollment process, meaning that benefits-eligible employees must log in to bswift to confirm or change your elections. An active process ensures that employees annually examine their benefits and make appropriate decisions about the benefits that best suit their own and their families’ needs. A summary of important updates to the 2022 plans is included below.

Medical Plans:  Medical premiums will be increasing by 6.0%, which is below annual national trends for medical and prescription insurance coverage. After the wellness incentive contribution amount is applied, the impact on your premium is 5.26%-5.76%, depending on the plan. 

Our medical premiums are informed by our health and prescription claims history, along with modeling that helps estimate use for the coming year. Those models predict an increase in claims for 2022, along with a modest impact from adjustments to our benefits. Another contributing factor is the rising cost of prescription drugs, particularly specialty medications, which is increasing approximately 10 percent per year nationwide.

Dental Plan: As a result of lower than normal utilization of the plan in 2021, there are no changes to the dental premiums for 2022.

Note: Due to recent legislation requiring insurance companies to revise medical and dental ID cards, new ID cards will be sent to participants in both of these plans, even if you keep your elections the same as the previous year.  If your elections are the same as last year, your current ID cards for these two benefits will continue to work in plan year 2022.  

Flexible Spending Accounts: You must log into bswift to complete your election for the 2022 Health Care FSA, Dependent Care FSA, and HSA.

  • For the Health Care FSA and Dependent Care FSA there will be an unlimited carryover of unused funds into the 2022 plan year – if you wish to rollover any funds remaining in your 2021 FSA account(s) you must elect the same plan(s) for 2022, but do not have to elect additional contributions to the plan. If you do not elect new FSA plans for 2022, you will not be able to carry over funds and will need to either spend the funds (Health Care FSAs) or request a reimbursement (Dependent Care FSAs) for services rendered in plan year 2021 before March 15, 2022.
  • Contribution maximums to Health Savings Accounts  (HSA) increased to $3,650 individual coverage and $7,300 for family coverage for the Saver Plan.

As a reminder, for those enrolled in the deductible plans, employees are responsible for a $500 deductible for an individual plan and $1,000 deductible for employee-plus-one and family plans. The Saver Plan has a $1,500 deductible for a plan with individual coverage and a $3,000 deductible for employee-plus-one and family coverage. The College contributes $500 to the individual Saver plan and $1,000 to the employee-plus-one and family Saver Plan accounts to be used for eligible medical, dental and vision expenses incurred by participants.

Vision Plan: The BCBS Blue 20/20 vision plan will continue to be available to employees and their families with no changes to the plans or premiums. 

You can review the 2022 Health, Dental, and Vision Plan Costs on the HR website. You can also review all benefit plan premiums in bswift during open enrollment.

Charitable Contributions: You must log into bswift to complete your election for annual contributions to the United Way of Rutland serving Bennington County, Berkshire United Way, Northern Berkshire United Way, and Williamstown Community Chest. All contributions will be spread over 24 pay periods and have to be a minimum of $1 per period. The College matches $1 for each $2 contributed by an employee.

Personalized Enrollment Statement: You will be able to view a summary of your current (2021) benefits by logging into bswift and accessing the Employee File tab.  Your Personalized Enrollment Statement will be available to you when Open Enrollment begins on October 11, 2021. We strongly recommend you review this before making your 2022 elections. 

Again, this is an active enrollment, all employees must log in to bswift to complete Open Enrollment elections or make changes. Please remember to make elections for the 2022 Health Care FSA, Dependent Care FSA, HSA, and/or Charitable Donations, and update your dependents and beneficiaries as needed.

Open Enrollment Information and Support Sessions: 

Virtual Presentation

  • Tuesday, October 12, 2021, at 1 pm  

Click to view the recorded version of the live event.
Access Passcode: bmChZ5%K

2022 Open Enrollment Presentation slides (PDF)

In-person Presentations

  • Wednesday,  October 13, 2021, at 10 am at Griffin 3
  • Thursday, October 14, 2021, at 4 pm at Griffin 3

There will also be special department presentations for Facilities and Dining at their all-hands meetings.

Individual enrollment help sessions (in person or virtual) 

Call Human Resources at x2681 or email [email protected] to schedule an appointment.  Please confirm that you are able to log into bswift before scheduling an appointment – if you are not and require a password reset, please call x4090. 

  • Tuesday, October 19, 2021, 7:30 am-12:30 pm  and 2 pm-5 pm
  • Wednesday, October 20, 2021, 7 am-11 am
  • Wednesday, October 27, 2021, 7 am-4:30 pm
  • Friday, October 29, 2021, 10 am-12 pm
  • Monday, November 1, 2021, 7:30am-12pm


If you need access to a computer or technology assistance for enrollment, please indicate this when making an appointment at x2681. 

Are you considering the PPO Saver plan with a Health Savings Account? Sue Durocher, Benefits Consultant at OneDigital | Health and Benefits, is available for one on one consultations. Email her at [email protected] to schedule a time to connect.

Need help with choosing a medical plan? We encourage you to use the Ask Emma and the calculator features at to determine which medical plan best meets your needs. 

More information about your medical plan options can be found in this Medical Plan FAQ and the Medical/Dental Benefits page.


Notice of Creditable CoverageWe are required to include the Notice of Creditable Coverage to inform Medicare-eligible beneficiaries that the coverage provided under the group health plan meets or exceeds what is required under a Part D drug plan.