Pandemic Times: What is "Enough" at Work & Home? (9/2 or 9/3)

September 2, 1-2pm
September 3,  8-9pm
Two different sessions- attend whichever works for you

When the pandemic started, we were all bombarded with advice to “relax your standards” and “just get through” this crazy time. But as this period stretches out longer and longer, many of us are struggling to balance this need for flexibility (for ourselves as well as for others in our lives) with a need to uphold structure and maintain expectations. How do we decide what is “enough” in our jobs, with our children, or in relationships? How can we build expectations while still maintaining flexibility? Let’s come together and think about how to navigate those lines as we look ahead to the fall.

Workshop Leader:

We will be joined in this virtual gathering by Melody Blass Fisher, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Berkshire Community College.  She will guide us with her trademark dynamic and generous style, adding context to our conversation through her understanding of human responses.


Cecilia Hirsch, Manager, Spouse/Partner Resources


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