Protecting Ourselves and Our Community

On Friday, March 27th, Governor Charlie Baker announced a new partnership between the commonwealth and Massachusetts-based web service to help residents determine the kind of medical attention they may need. 

As testing increases and more cases are confirmed, faculty and staff are asking about the risk associated with potential exposure. We hope this information will help you better assess any potential exposure you may have encountered. 

The CDC has defined close contact as

A. being within approximately 6 feet of a COVID-19 case for a prolonged period of time (15-minutes or more); close contact can occur while caring for, living with, visiting, or sharing a health care waiting area or room with a COVID-19 case

B. having direct contact with infectious secretions of a COVID-19 case (e.g., being coughed on).  

If you have been exposed to someone diagnosed with Coronavirus, please closely monitor your health and use the CDC’s Decision-Making Chart to determine appropriate action. Stay home from work if advised to by a healthcare professional or public health entity, or if the CDC’s Decision-Making Chart advises that course of action.

One of the most important steps we can take to slow the COVID-19 transmission rate and protect people’s health is to stay at home when possible, avoid gatherings beyond immediate family, and practice social distancing when we must be at work or go out for essential functions. 

CDC Risk Categories for Exposures Associated with Travel or Identified during Contact Investigations of Laboratory-confirmed Cases can be found here