Student Summer Hiring Now in the Human Resources System

Nearly all student summer hiring can now occur through HR System Manager Self-Service. This includes hourly positions, as well as many stipend positions. There are a handful of positions that cannot be hired through Manager Self-Service and I will reach out to those departments individually (you will just use the Temporary Employee Authorization Form, as you have done in the past). Departments that may have some or all of their positions excluded from hiring through Manager Self-Service include: Economics (Interns), CES (Interns), Investment Office, and CDE (Research Asst).

The process is nearly identical to the one you use to hire students during the academic year. Those of you who have been hiring summer Research Assistants through Manager Self-Service are already used to this but may notice a couple of small changes from years past.

A couple of notes:

Select SUMMER for Hire Season







Select HOURLY or STIPEND (if you’re not sure, PLEASE ASK!!)












Two Additional Points:

  • If you have completed Temporary Authorization Forms and your summer positions are in Manager Self-Service now, you will have to complete your hires there.
  • Any edits, including start date changes, end date changes, and fiscal year account code changes will continue to be submitted with the Temporary Employee Change Forms

Moving student summer hiring to Manager Self-Service has been in the works for a while now and I know that for some of you, this represents a big change. I am available to answer questions and provide support, so please be in touch with questions, or if you run into difficulty.

If you, or the person responsible for completing the hire process, do not currently have Manager Self-Service permissions, please let me know, so it can be addressed.

Here’s to new adventures in student employment!


Janine Burt, Manager, Student Employment

ext. 4568 | jmb9