Summer Activity Challenge - Begins July 22

Wellness Seminars

Wellness at Williams is kicking off the Summer 2019 Challenge. The ahealthyme Activity Challenge requires participants to log 600 moderate exercise minutes (an average of 150 per week) over the course of 4 weeks to successfully complete this challenge. You will enter in minutes at!

If you successfully complete the activity challenge requirements at the end of 4 weeks you will receive $100! (less applicable taxes). You will only be eligible to receive the $100 for one challenge each year.

This will be an individual challenge. All active subscribers who complete the requirements will be entered into a raffle for a $25 Amazon Gift Card (taxable).

The challenge begins July 22, 2019 and ends at midnight on August 19, 2019. Online registration is open from July 15th – 28th. When you log into and click Sign Up under Challenges, enter your name as your team (remember this is an individual challenge, you are your own team) for the Williams Activity Challenge and get moooving!

Use the HealthyNow app or log into to log your minutes.

Review the FAQs for more information.

Questions? Contact Megan Childers ext 4355 or any other member of the Wellness Committee.