Wellbeing at Williams Fall 2022 Fitness Classes

Wellbeing at Williams is excited to announce the return of in-person fitness classes this Fall! Faculty, staff, and spouses/partners are welcome to join.  Classes will run from Monday, September 19th through Friday, December 16th and are on a first come, first serve basis. Registration and payment in full is required by Friday, September 16th. Each class is $65 per semester.

Once you have registered, please bring your payment to Jill Mendel in the finance office, Hopkins Hall, room 100 so we can confirm your enrollment. Checks should be made out to Williams College.

*Please note, no drop-ins are being accepted at this time. If the class becomes full, you will be placed on a wait list and notified once a spot becomes available. For questions or additional information regarding classes, please reach out to Ashleigh Yager at [email protected]

Fall Fitness Classes Offerings:

Monday 9:30am Pilates with Erin Lenski in the Greylock Studio
Pilates offers spinal stabilization and healing through the interaction of the core while promoting strength and flexibility with low impact fluid motion. Some things you can expect in Erin’s Pilates class: deliberate and intentional movements focused on spine health and integrity; integration of breath as a vehicle for both alignment and engagement of the body; anatomically focused design and cues to ensure safe and effective movement; fun, laughter, and a playful sense of exploration. Maximum 20 students

Tuesday 12pm Athletic Yoga with Ashleigh Yager in Greylock (main space)
This is not yoga “by the book.” Build strength, flexibility and perseverance in all planes of motion while developing the confidence to move freely as individuals (because who cares what it looks like if it doesn’t feel appropriate for one’s own body?). With a focus on slow and steady movement linked to breath, sweaty dynamic sequences, and prolonged isometric holds, this class is intended for those who have some knowledge of yoga and are ready to challenge their practice. Maximum 30 students

Wednesday 5:30pm Spin with Erin Lenski in the Lasell Spin Room
Each uplifting 45-minute class is constructed around safe and anatomically focused transitions and cues, diverse terrains to simulate the “outdoor” experience, and heart rate training and working within the rider’s zones for maximum benefit. With accessibility for all at the heart of her unique spin profiles, Erin brings her love of low impact sweat sessions—and a rocking playlist—to all of her rides. Maximum 15 students

Thursday 5:30pm Functional Fitness with Ashleigh Yager in Greylock (main space)
How can fitness support the movements required in daily life? Through circuits, dynamic strength training, and smart programming, this 55-minute class will leave participants feeling stronger, more flexible, and with the physical awareness to move safely through the activities and demand of the day-to-day. Maximum 20 students

Friday 12pm All Levels Yoga with Mary Edgerton in Greylock (main space)
With an emphasis on safe alignment, skillful action, and connection to the breath, this All Levels Yoga Class welcomes newer and more experienced yoga students to practice together. Alternating between flowing movement and holding poses for longer, we’ll explore a variety of options in poses and sequences, and will hopefully find a sense of peace and renewal at the end of class. Maximum 30 students

**Participants should dress comfortably and be prepared to move. With the exception of Spin, all classes require participants to bring their own mat.

**No classes will be held on Monday, October 10th, Thursday, November 24th or Friday, November 25th