What’s New for Wellness at Williams in 2017

Dear Faculty and Staff,

With the start of the new year, we begin the sixth year of the college’s Wellness Program. First, let me update you on the outcomes of the program so far.  We’re delighted by the level of participation among staff, which has been steady at nearly 70 percent since the program began. In 2015 35 percent of faculty participated, that number increased to 40 percent in 2016.  New in 2016, spouses who are enrolled in BCBS were invited to join the program, and we had 22 percent participation.

The health assessment data shows that many of our participants lead healthy and active lives, and a significant number are committed to changing behaviors to improve health. Our aggregate results for preventive health visits and age appropriate cancer screenings remains strong over the past four years.


2012 2013 2014 2015
Well Visit Adult 66% 67% 66% 68%
Well Visit Child 88% 92% 91% 96%
Preventative Screenings 85% 84% 82% 83%


The goal for 2017 is to increase completion of the biometrics screenings and personal health assessments, as well as maintain our high rate of preventive health visits and age-appropriate screenings. We strive to engage more members in programs offered through Wellness at Williams, both on campus and on-line through aheathlyme.com.

We have expanded programming around key areas identified in the aggregate health assessment report. This includes programs focused on increased physical activity, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, and managing anxiety and stress.  In addition, we have added workshops aimed at healthy nutrition, financial wellness, and improved overall health.


2017 Program Details – Beginning February 1, 2017

For faculty and staff, the steps to earn your $500 wellness incentive remain the same as last year:

  1. Complete an On Campus Biometric Screening or submit a Provider Screening Form directly to BCBS.  (Whether from an onsite screening or a recent physical, this data will go directly into your Health Assessment) (100 points)
  2. Complete an online Health Assessment at aheathlyme.com (100 points)
  3. Complete one activity category from the Wellness Activities list. This can include being up-to-date on your preventive health or dental visits, or by attending at least two on-campus nutrition, fitness, emotional or financial Workshops (300 points)

Spouses enrolled in BCBS are eligible to receive a Wellness incentive of $100. Spousal participation is important to help us better understand the health of a larger portion of enrolled members.  To earn the incentive spouses must:

  1. complete a biometric screening,
  2. complete the online health assessment, and
  3. have a preventive health visit or routine oral exam.

Spouses will have the same access to the tools and resources available at aheathlyme.com.  Spouses will receive an invitation to participate mailed directly to them at home.


Human Resources receives a monthly report of participants who have earned 500 points. Your $500 incentive (less applicable taxes) will be paid the following month.  We’ll send you an email letting you know when it is coming.

For details about both the program and aggregate information from BCBS on our progress, please visit the Wellness at Williams FAQ.

This Wellness at Williams program represents a significant, ongoing commitment to the health of our community. Please continue to take active steps toward a healthy, productive future.  Watch for more details on-campus screenings, workshops, speakers, and fitness programs.


For questions on the program, please feel free to contact Kris Maloney at x4478 or Megan Bates at x4355.

Be well,