What’s New for Wellness at Williams in 2019

The 2019 Wellness at Williams Program kicks off on February 1st.

For those new to the Wellness at Williams program or who need a reminder, BCBS Medical Subscribers can receive a $500 taxable incentive by earning 500 points, and enrolled spouses can also participate and receive a $100 taxable incentive.  All requirements must be completed by September 30, 2019.

We will continue the program this year with a diverse offering of activities. Once again, we will be actively sending personalized email reminders each month, letting you know exactly what you need to earn your 500 points.

New to the program? Visit bluecrossma.ahealthyme.com and click on the Sign Up Now button. You will need your BCBS ID card to complete registration.




Faculty and Staff Program and Incentive

The activities to earn 300 points has not changed this year. BCBS medical subscribers can earn 500 points and receive $500 taxable incentive:

Updated Activity Categories
(only ONE needs to be completed)
Preventative Health Visit * Complete one preventative care visit per Preventive Screening Guidelines for Healthy Adults.
Routine Oral Exam * Complete one routine dental visit within the past 12 months.
Two On-Campus Workshops Attend at least two On-Campus Wellness or Financial Seminars. Register at On-Campus Workshops
One Online Wellness Workshop Complete one four-week or longer Online Wellness Workshop. Register at bluecrossma.ahealthyme.com

* Earned points will be automatically awarded and can take up to 90 days to be credited

Register for an On-Campus Biometric Screening
Submit a Provider Screening Form as indicated on the form.


Spouses Program and Incentive

Your enrolled spouse is eligible to receive $100 by completing the following activities (unchanged from 2018). To earn 500 points:

How It Works

Human Resources receives a monthly report of participants who have earned 500 points in the prior month. Your $500 or spouse $100 incentive (less applicable taxes) will be included in the second payroll of the following month.  Your non-employee enrolled spouse will receive a check at your home address. We’ll send you an email letting you know when it is coming. We will also send emails each month reminding you what steps are left to complete the program.

Your automatically awarded points for this years program will be updated at bluecrossma.ahealthyme.com by February 18th. We expect the first payment for those reaching 500 points to take place on March 22nd.

For details about the program, please visit the Wellness at Williams FAQ.

This Wellness at Williams program represents a significant, ongoing commitment to the health of our community. Please continue to take active steps toward a healthy, productive future. Watch for more details on-campus screenings, workshops, speakers, and fitness programs.


For questions on the program, please feel free to contact Megan Childers at x4355.