When You Can't Get a Break: Parenting in the Age of COVID

What? Virtual Gathering for employees and their partners
When? Thursday May 28, 8 to 9 pm

It’s tough parenting these days. Key stressors for parents during this time include loss of structure, figuring out when to prioritize parenting vs. working, guilt over not doing anything well, exhaustion, and loss of a support network.


We will be joined in this virtual gathering by Melody Blass Fisher, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Berkshire Community College (and mother to two young kids). She will give us context for how our stress response might be shaping our experience, our behavior, and our interactions- and how to sort through some of the blur to find some nuggets of positivity. We will have plenty of time after her comments to vent, share tips, and ask questions!


Cecilia Hirsch, Manager, Spouse/Partner Resources

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Photo Credit: Nermeen Dashoush