+1 Network: Working Remotely, Beyond the Pandemic (5/5)

Wednesday May 5, 7 to 8pm

(virtual program)

Over the past year many have experienced the remote work model for the first time. While this was neither a typical nor ideal introduction to the ins-and-outs of remote work, it has sparked interest in pivoting to permanently remote positions.

In this panel discussion, spouses/partners who are long-term remote employees in varied fields will share how they transitioned to remote work, how they have managed various arrangements, and how their work-life balance has been affected. They will also share tips for dealing with the challenges that might come from this more flexible model. The casual, candid format will allow for plenty of Q&A and discussion after the presentations.

Panel participants:

Alison Carter: Ali has been working remotely since 2011, and moved to Williamstown in 2013. She holds a PhD in Fisheries and is currently Director of Fishery Sustainability at the World Wildlife Fund.

Rob Matthews: Rob is a software developer for the Lotus Notes/ Domino products who has been working remotely for 17 years.

Joann Phelan: Joann, jointly native to New York City and Taiwan, moved to the Berkshires in 2014 and has happily adapted to country life with her three young children. She has worked remotely ever since for Evidence Action, an international NGO measurably improving the lives of 285 million people each year.

Kevin Sharon: Kevin is a Design Manager at Shopify and has been working with remote and co-located teams for nearly a decade. In March of 2020, Shopify, with offices and employees located all over the globe, announced they would become a fully remote company with no permanent offices.

This program is open to the +1Network of Spouses/Partners as well as to Williams employees (it will not, however, address any remote-work arrangements at Williams)

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Base image source: Getty Images/ istock photos