Workshop: Follow Your North Star

November 29 AND December 6

7 to 8:30pm (Virtual)

Facilitator: Cathy Crosky

The pandemic has sparked many of us to re-evaluate our lives including our relationships, our living situations, our health, and well-being ,and our work life.

This workshop series will focus on
identifying what matters most in our work life, where we spend the majority of our waking hours.

The North Star metaphor refers to the star as a fixed point in the sky that sailors used to help them navigate the ocean and realign their ships to the desired destination. By finding/identifying your North Star, participants can reposition themselves, get back on course and create a plan to manifest a more personally rewarding career. This work will help you identify your mission, vision, and values while beginning to craft a strategic plan that will help you navigate work choices more purposefully.

Objectives for this workshop include:

* Getting clarity on your mission/purpose
* Identifying your core values
* Illuminating your vision for the future
* Evaluating your current job – how to make it better?
* Beginning to craft a career strategic plan
* Committing to one new action step aligning to your North Star


Workshop is free and open to all employees as well as their spouses/partners. Confidentiality will be a guiding element of this supported exploration.

You are expected to attend both sessions. To receive the materials and the participation links, please complete this registration by Saturday November 27.


Cathy Crosky is an executive coach, group facilitator and organizational transformation consultant with Charter Oak Consulting Group.  Cathy’s executive coaching engagements leverage her expertise in strategic influence, leadership development, change management, employee engagement, career transition, work-life integration, emotional intelligence and building high performance teams. With a strong background in career management Cathy has worked with individuals at all organizational levels helping them through career transition by providing workshops and individual coaching with a focus on creating a personal brand.