Your Next Chapter: Crafting Your Personal Story (8/22)

Rescheduled from 8/3!
Sushi and storytelling with the Williams community, and most especially for the spouse/partner network.

Have you ever been transfixed by a compelling story told by a skillful speaker, and wondered – wow, just how do they do it?! Want to learn and practice effective storytelling techniques, especially when introducing your own story? Come experience a fun and supportive way to dive into the creative and connective worlds of storytelling!

This event will give you the opportunity to connect with one another by leveraging storytelling to frame our journeys. What brings us to the Berkshires might be our spouse/partner’s affiliation with Williams College, but what are our own narratives for our experiences here? What are the possible stories we can craft, and choose to tell, about being who we want to be here? Through play, curiosity, joy, and a step-by-step approach, you will learn practical techniques that you can apply right away to your professional and personal lives.


Hari Stephen Kumar is an international storytelling coach, storyteller/performer, and communications strategist- and a Williams spouse/partner. He brings over 20 years of expertise in communication and learning experience design for the purpose of catalyzing transformation and inclusion in both corporate and academic organizations.

He has had three successful careers — first as an engineer and trainer from 1997-2008, then as a scholar and instructor in the humanities from 2008-2018, and as a sales storytelling coach in the tech industry from 2018-2022. Hari is also a scholar-storyteller of cultural issues, specializing in crafting richly layered multimedia performances that engage and empower audiences on issues of race, politics, religion, gender, and mass media.


Goodrich Hall, Williams College. This is the building that looks like a chapel in the Williams College Museum of Art circle, next to the Eyes sculpture installation. Park on Spring St., behind Sawyer Library, or next to the Field House and walk up the hill.


Please let us know you will be coming and share any dietary needs via this form. Registration will close on August 22 at 9am, or whenever we reach our participation cap.