Benefits Committee


The Benefits Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the VP of Finance and Administration. The committee is a resource of knowledgeable staff and faculty who assist in the analysis of existing health benefits and advocate for comprehensive benefits that meet the needs of a diverse workforce.


  • To study existing health benefit programs and their impact on faculty, staff, and College goals;
  • To help define alternatives and  improvements to benefit that should be considered during the budget development process;
  • Recommend employer/employee contribution rates for existing and/or proposed programs;
  • To improve the quality of information available to faculty and staff and to contribute to an understanding of their needs by conducting or supporting surveys of employee opinion on benefits as needed.

Contact Us

Please use the Contact Us form to submit questions or comments to the Benefits Committee.



At a minimum, the Committee shall consist of:

Two (2) Faculty, to include a representative from the Faculty Compensation Committee
Three (3) Staff

While no special skills are required of Committee members, members should have an interest in the benefits package and represent the diversity of the College’s workforce.

Current Members (Spring 2021)

Tomas Adalsteinsson, Athletics Department
Simone Anderson, Human Resources
Emily Bourguignon, Development
Xizhen Cai, Mathematics Department
Bill Gentry, Economics Department
Danielle Gonzalez, Human Resources
Kate Heekin, Admission
Kristen MacFarlane, Human Resources
Hale O. Polebaum-Freeman, Libraries
Fred Puddester, VP Finance and Administration
Matt Sheehy, VP Finance and Administration
Jill St. John, Dining Services
Nate Wiessner, Theatre Department
Chris Winters, Provost Office

Immediate Past Members

Judi Willette, Facilities
Laura D. Ephraim, Political Science, Science and Technology Studies
Cecilia Del Cid, Davis Center