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Did you know that now you can call the number on the front of your ID card (888-456-1351) for answers to many of your health care questions? Not only can you reach Member Service for benefit questions, you can also talk to a nurse at our Care Concierge Center about a recent diagnosis, how to prepare for surgery or manage a chronic condition, and much more. The Care Concierge program is a powerful new resource that can help you get and stay healthy.

Who should I call if I have health care questions?

Call Member Service at 888-456-1351, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

  • Press 1: Member Service Center can answer questions about your plan including claims and benefit information.
  • Press 2: Nurse Care Concierge Center provides assistance understanding a diagnosis, treatment options, or to access health and wellness support available through your plan.

Call the Blue Care Line at 888-247-2583, any time, day or night.

  • If you are sick or injured but uncertain whether you need to seek urgent care, call the Blue Care Line.
  • A nurse can help you decide whether to go to the ER, see your doctor, or care for yourself at home.

What issues can I discuss with a Care Concierge nurse?

Taking control of your health:

  • A diagnosis you’ve received
  • Medications you’re taking
  • Assistance with complex family medical issues

Choosing the right care:

  • A treatment recommended by your doctor
  • A planned surgery or procedure
  • How to seek additional medical opinions

Getting more from your health plan:

  • Disease management programs
  • Health coaching services
  • Prevention and wellness programs
  • Online tools and resources

Note: The Care Concierge program is not intended to substitute or replace a doctor’s care plan for you or your family.

Can I ask about a family member who isn’t on my BCBS medical plan?

The Care Concierge program supports our members’ health, but members can also call with general health care questions about a spouse, parent, child, or in-law—regardless of whether that relative has a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts plan. However, a Care Concierge nurse cannot address matters related to a non- member’s benefits, claims or obtaining a second opinion.

I received a call from a Care Concierge nurse. How did they identify me for this program?

BCBS uses claims data and other information you may have supplied through the health assessment, work-site screenings, and previous calls to the Care Concierge to identify members who could benefit from programs available through your Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts plan. These programs may include wellness programs, support for managing a chronic condition, or help understanding treatment options.

Is the Care Concierge program confidential?

All communication between members and Care Concierge nurses  is treated in accordance with our policy on confidentiality. Your participation is voluntary, and not participating does not affect your benefits. Also, this program does not affect your coverage or replace any existing member services.

Have Questions?

With Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts you have one number for many of your health care needs. Just call the number on the front of your card.