Short Term Disability, Family and Parental Leaves

Human Resources has partnered with Unum to administer our disability, state, and federal leave benefits. This includes short-term disability claims, long-term disability claims, as well as paid family and parental leaves. Unum will ensure compliance with Massachusetts state leave laws and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Engaging Unum to administer these leave benefits means you will no longer be required to send sensitive personal health information to Human Resources.

Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave laws went into effect January 2021.  Williams College received an exemption from contributions into the Massachusetts State plan because it provides benefits that are comparable to or more generous than the State Plan.  However, in order to maintain our exempt status, the College must adhere to certain conditions.  To assist employees and supervisors with obligations under the Leave Act, guidance on how to most easily access benefits under the new plans is included below:

  • When an employee identifies a need for leave, they should immediately notify their supervisor or the Dean of Faculty’s office – and for planned leaves the notification should be made a minimum of 30 days prior to the leave
  • Medical or confidential information should not be discussed with anyone other than Human Resources and Unum
  • Employees requesting leave should contact Unum via phone at 866-779-1054, Monday – Friday, 8am to 8pm, or internet at to start a leave claim – be prepared to provide a doctor’s note for any related absence from work prior to filing your medical claim
  • Information on the process and documentation needed to file a claim can be found here

Updated Paid Leave Policies

  • Short Term Disability Leave (medical leave up to 26 weeks per benefit year)
  • Parental Leave (birth, adoption or foster care leave up to 12 weeks per benefit year)
  • Family Leave (new paid family leave to care for an ailing relative up to 12 weeks per benefits year or 26 weeks if the family member is a covered servicemember)
  • When any support staff, administrative staff, or faculty member goes out on Short Term Disability Leave, Paid Parental Leave, or Paid Family Leave, the college will pay them 100% of their base earnings.
  • Individuals are eligible for up to a combined total of 26 weeks of Short-Term Disability, Parental and Family Leave in a benefit year. A benefit year is defined as the period of 52 consecutive weeks beginning on the Sunday immediately preceding the first day that job-protected leave commences.

How to File Claims

Unum – How to File a Leave Request