2021 Life & Career Vision Board Workshop

Sunday January 10, 1 to 3 pm

Vision boards are all the rage in every sector, from business branding to life coaching. What’s the big deal?

Join Cecilia (channeling her art instructor background) for a reflective, engaging, and useful creative workshop as we discover the perks of this process. We will use writing prompts and other tools to assess where 2020 took us -nowhere physically, of course!- and where we stand in the various aspects of our lives. We will then work forward and define some key personal and professional goals. Transposing those in a visual representation, through images & words, will be a material way of of connecting to those intentions now and all through the year.

You will be provided with a packet of materials to get you going, and can also decide to work on this board in digital form. This will be fun!

FREE. All spouses and partners are invited to participate. Please register via this RSVP form.

Facilitator: Cecilia Hirsch is the Spouse Partner Resources Manager. In a previous professional life, she was a college art instructor and Program Coordinator at IS183, The Art School of the Berkshires.