Field Farm Stroll & Hike (10/3)

October 3, 9:30 am

Field Farm is a 316-acre Trustees Property which features an incredible view, unique architectural homes, and even some sculptures from the Williams College Museum collection. Join us for a very quick introduction to the location (history, natural habitat) and then some strolling/ hiking time.

Options are varied: those with limited mobility can do an easy walk to the pond; those wanting a slightly longer adventure can do one of the 2-4 mile loops on the site, including one that takes you to the “Caves Lot” which features underground channels in the limestone cut by water. Participants will be encouraged to stick to small groups, distanced, and will be accompanied by those familiar with the location!

All spouses, partners, employees, and families welcome. Please let us know you will be coming by completing this form.

Note: Really bad weather will cancel the gathering until we can reschedule.