The Learning Mindset: Shifting Your Thinking (2/16)

Tuesday February 16

7 to 8:30pm


Asking the right questions can lead to big breakthroughs in how we interact with others and the paths we choose in our careers.

This program, based on the book Change Your Questions, Change Your Life by Marilee Adams, will help you notice the paths that your thinking goes down, distinguish helpful from unhelpful pathways, and choose constructive pathways that lead to new possibilities and greater benefits for all concerned.

You’ll learn how to become more aware of your thinking, mindfully pause your thinking, become curious about the possibilities, and make conscious choices about your thoughts and actions.  This workshop is ideal for anyone that wants to become more resilient, optimistic, mindful, confident, and centered, and can be especially helpful to people that are at a crossroads or are in roles where they advise, lead, or help others.

Presenter and Facilitator: Kevin Thomas is principal at Green River Coaching and Consulting. His approach is informed by an M.A. in Counseling Psychology, deep experience with strengths-assessment and management techniques, and his philosophy of increasing engagement and bringing out the best in professional and personal situations.


This program is open to the +1Network of Spouses/Partners as well as to Williams employees. Please complete this registration form by 2/16 to receive a zoom link.