+1 Network: "What About Me?" workshop (5/20)

May 20, 11:30-1:30


Are you the flexible spouse/ partner in a dual career relationship? The “What About Me?” question often comes up, openly or not, if you have shifted your professional plans, education, or even your daily schedule to support the career of another.

In this workshop, we will explore the conflicts, struggles, and questions that can arise and how to find a path to personal satisfaction. Our facilitator, psychotherapist and educator Betsy Burris, will share her concept of “individual gardens” and how to cultivate them while co-existing with another, sometimes very different, ecosystem. We will work to reframe our ways of thinking and coping with the realities of juggling dual life paths.

This workshop is open to all spouses and partners, regardless of their career paths and current situation, who would like to reflect on the choices they have made and the future they would like to build.


Lunch will be served as a part of our time together, and we will be outdoors at Hopkins Memorial Forest. In case of inclement weather we will move indoors.

Please register as soon as you can through this form. We will limit the numbers in order to ensure safety protocols can be followed.

About our presenter and facilitator:

Betsy Burris has a Ph.D. in education from Stanford University, a MSW from Smith College, and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). She has over 20 years of experience as a therapist, teacher, and individual coach, most recently for teachers and administrators.

She founded Teaching Through Emotions, a coaching base from which she supports educators deal with the relationship dynamics at play in their work, and turn “negative emotions into understanding and compassion and effective plans of action.”  She refers to us working our “psychodynamic muscles,”: “By ‘psycho,’ I mean having to do with emotions and unconscious expectations of ourselves and the world; by ‘dynamic,’ I mean having to do with relationships and the ways we fit together with other people, for better and for worse. ”


Base image source: Joanna Tkaczuk, Getty Images