May 2020 HR Calendar

Bench in front of green trees on a green lawn

Here’s a look forward to HR Programs and Services offered in May 2020: Affirming and Enabling Diversity for Supervisors (5/5) Financial Wellness Program – Planning for Retirement: What You Need to Know (5/5) Fostering Good Mental Health in Leaders – an e4health webinar (5/13) Fundamentals… Continue reading »

Revised Williams Wellness Program for 2020

Focusing on our health and wellbeing has never been more important. Exercising, healthy eating, and taking care of yourself can help you manage stress, and doing this together helps make our community stronger. Since we will not be able to offer on-campus biometrics screenings or workshops for the foreseeable future,… Continue reading »

Williams From Home: A Kid’s Perspective

In this unprecedented period, we are living and working together as a family all day, every day. Our kids get to see their parents work in a whole new light, and our workdays look very different. To acknowledge and celebrate that, we invite your kids to share their… Continue reading »

Guidelines For Remote Work

Employees are encouraged to work from home until further notice, when possible, due to COVID-19-related concerns. It is important to note that staff will be paid for their standard hours in remote work arrangements, even if they cannot perform all of their normal duties. Benefits will… Continue reading »

TIAA Tips for Volatile Market

If ups and downs in financial markets have you second-guessing your investment strategy or wondering if you should move all your assets to less risky territory, take a deep breath. Review tips from TIAA on What to do – and what not to do – when… Continue reading »

Protecting Ourselves and Our Community

On Friday, March 27th, Governor Charlie Baker announced a new partnership between the commonwealth and Massachusetts-based web service to help residents determine the kind of medical attention they may need.  As testing increases and more cases are… Continue reading »