Communities of Williams Groups

Communities of Williams (CoW) groups aim to create an affirming gathering space for all staff and faculty interested in sharing identities, experiences and/or interests.*

CoWs support the college’s efforts to build community and transform our culture through authentic connections. CoW groups are a great way to meet new people, learn new things, find support, get out of your comfort zones, pursue your passions, and create a sense of purpose and belonging.

CoW groups are also an opportunity to share and elevate the voices of historically marginalized individuals fostering a community of belonging for all.

For more information about CoW groups, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions

*The college will not endorse any group that forms on the basis of practices that discriminate against protected classes, in accordance with its non-discrimination policy. We are also unable to support groups that are politically affiliated or partisan in nature.

CoW Groups & Facilitators

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1) Caretakers of Williams (Children of Aging Parents & Family Members)   

Facilitators: Jim Reische and Ivonne García

2) Community Chess     

Facilitators: Zach Cramer and Kate Richardson

3) Community Running Group     

Facilitator: TBD- watch for a September 2023 update

4) Queer Faculty and Staff     

Facilitator: Shyam Raman​

5) Quiet Time Quilters      

Facilitator: Valerie Bailey Fischer 

6) Living La Vida Violeta: Latinx/e @Williams

Facilitators: Zorelly Cepeda Derieux, Ivonne García, Alexa Icenia

7) Purple Happenings

Facilitators: Caitlin Brown and Bridget Power

8) Working Artists     

Facilitators: John Beeson and Cecilia Hirsch

Propose a CoW group!

We welcome proposals for new CoW groups that will connect faculty and staff. To propose a new CoW, please complete this form.

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The role of co-facilitators is to oversee the logistical components of the CoW group, coordinate meeting content and facilitation, as well as collaborate with HR who facilitate the CoW groups. Please review the Co-Facilitator Responsibilities and Guidelines

Please be aware that the number of new CoW groups approved each year will depend on budgetary allowances.