Caretakers of Williams (Children of Aging Parents)

Established August 2023

Welcome to the Caretakers of Williams Community of Williams—aka, the COW COW!

This group is meant to be a place for anyone who’s facing (or anticipating) the challenges of supporting aging parents or family members. Supporting a loved one who’s aging is a special responsibility in life, and one that can be extremely challenging: financially, legally, medically, logistically and emotionally. Good information, advice and resources are hard to find.

We’ve created COW COW as a place where you can compare experiences, share information, support each other, and sometimes just have fun with folks who understand what you’re going through. Anyone willing to contribute to that mission is welcome!

This is an informal, facilitated group. We’ll meet periodically over snacks and drinks, with maybe one chosen topic each time but also a lot of room to discuss whatever we’re dealing with at the moment.

Please complete this  Google Form if you’re interested in being added to the mailing list for all future activity.

Questions? Contact co-facilitators Ivonne García and Jim Reische