Community Walking & Running Group CoW Group

New CoW Group launched September 2021

All members of the faculty, staff, and spouses/partners are welcome to this training group and invited to take advantage of the training programs. This group is for anyone who is interested in benefiting from the inspiration and accountability of a group and the support and knowledge of a coach. From an individual who is just beginning their fitness journey to someone who is hoping to progress in their walking or running routine to the person who is a seasoned runner working towards a personal best, this group and these training programs are open to all and can benefit all participants. This group is for both walkers and runners; the structure encourages self-direction and flexibility but also provides support at a level that feels comfortable and appropriate to each individual. This group will offer an opportunity to form social connections while, at the same time, doing something positive, healthy, and productive for yourself! 

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For questions or more information, contact facilitator Jen Ceolinski (jmc9).


Congrats to everyone who participated in our first 5k event!

Front row, L to R- Jennifer Ceolinski, Jaime Campbell, Bridget Power, Tracy Baker-White
Second and Third row together, L to R- Molly Magavern, Dana Pilson, Anne Peale, Brough Morris, Kristine Morris, Barbara Palmer, Jacqueline Hidalgo
Standing, L to R- Rachel Louis, Brad Wells, Don Kjelleren, Whitman Groves, Scott Henderson, Gerrit Blauvelt