CoW Group Facilitator Responsibilities

CoW groups provide a unique opportunity for staff and faculty at William to connect to communities based on identities and interests. The facilitation of these groups is essential to their success. The role of CoW facilitator includes:

  • Establishing a regular meeting schedule, ideally monthly, depending on the needs and interests of the members of the group. Less than 3 meetings annually will be considered non-activity. 
  • Developing programming, taking into consideration the college’s strategic goals
  • Facilitating or delegate leadership of meetings/gatherings.
  • Maintaining a list-serve of members and people interested in the CoW group (ideally as a Google Group, set up to accept spouses & partners outside the Williams network).
  • Sharing information with your HR contact so that campus-wide posts on meetings and programming can be created and then communicated. 
  • Responding to communication requests and providing data & updates in a timely fashion.
  • Sharing a summary of activity by 6/1 of each fiscal year by completing a quick Google form.

In recognition of the requirements facilitators take on that are outside of the scope and requirements of their day-to-day jobs, facilitators who meet the above requirements will receive an annual stipend of $300. Facilitators who do not meet the above requirements will not receive an annual stipend.