FAQ About Self-Service

  • If you share a computer, make sure you’re logged in to your Williams Google account and not someone else’s.  When finished, be sure to log out of your Google account after logging out of PeopleSoft.

    • Did you enter a capital 'W' before your User ID number?
    • If you are using your W User ID, are you using your network/email password instead of your Administrative System password?
    • Did you recently change your Student or Financials password? Changing the password for one system will change it for the others.
    • Are you trying to get into the Finance or Student system rather than the Human Resources system? The Finance system, Student system, and Human Resources system are three separate computer systems, but they all have the same password.
    • If you forget your password, click the Forgot My Password link and walk through the steps here.
    • After 10 consecutive unsuccessful login attempts, you will be locked out, at which point you must call Human Resources (x2682 or x3032) to have the account unlocked. This may take some time and you will then need to go through the Forgot My Password routine. Tip: Stop trying at 9 and just click Forgot My Password.
    • All passwords expire after 180 days. Countdown warning messages will begin appearing 30 days prior to the expiration date. If your password has already expired, you will be redirected to a page where you must create a new password as described above.
    • Changing your password/reminder question in any of the systems will update it in the others.

    To find out more information about password usage at the College, visit the OIT website.

  • To accommodate various styles of working. Some people prefer searching a list. Some people prefer icons and groups. As we add more self-service options, the groups to the right will increase.

    You can also select the links on the top right after Personalize - Content and Layout - to add more available menus and change their layout.

  • The Main phone type is your primary phone number outside of work and is required for all employees. You cannot delete it but you can control whether to display it or not in the online directory at: Self-Service > Personal Information > WMS Online Directory Options.

  • Faculty and Staff are responsible for entering their own campus phone number, both as new hires and if they change. This can be done in Self-Service > Personal Information. See the Self-Service help page for more details.

  • When the "Contact has the same address as the employee" checkbox is checked, the address and/or phone information is a view of YOUR contact information. If the data is incorrect, please update your address and/or phone in self-service. Once your information is correct, it will show for your emergency contact who has the checkbox checked on. If their address is no longer the same as yours, simply uncheck the box and edit the address as needed.