Using Faculty & Staff Self-Service

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Questions?  Call the Office of Human Resources at 413.597.2682 or the Dean of the Faculty’s Office at 413.597.4138.

  • In Self Service, click Time Reporting.

    • Report Time: Complete your timesheet for a pay period through this menu option.
    • Hourly Staff: View a video tutorial on navigating through Time Reporting.
    • Students: View a video tutorial on navigating through Time Reporting.
    • Admin Staff Leave reporting: View a video tutorial on navigating through Time Reporting.

    Time Approvers: Download this instruction guide for your reference.

  • In Self Service, click Personal Information.

    • Home and Mailing Address: These home and mailing addresses are used by the Human Resources Office (including Payroll and Benefits), the President's Office, Dining Services, Facilities, and other administrative offices. The MAIL address appears on the College's online directory if you so choose.
    • Phone Numbers: View and update your main and campus phone numbers that appear in the online directory and cell phone that is used in the College's emergency planning process.
      • Main phone is your primary phone number outside of work. You can also add a Mobile phone and Cellular-Work phone (College-issued).
      • Campus, Lab, and Alternate Office phones appear in the online directory.
      • Campus Emergency Cell can be entered to receive a text or call in the case of a campus emergency.
    • Emergency Contacts: Update your emergency contact information, including adding new emergency contacts or changing who is your primary emergency contact.
    • Wms Online Directory Options: Review or change which pieces of home information (mailing address, main phone, spouse/partner name) are displayed on the College's online People Directory. This additional information is only viewable by faculty, staff and students.
  • In Self Service, click Payroll and Compensation.

    • View Paycheck: View and print your current or prior paychecks.  You can check your federal and state tax marital status, view deductions, the amount the College is contributing to your TIAA-CREF account(s) and other benefits, and check leave usage/balances (Support Staff only).
    • Direct Deposit: Review and update your direct deposit information. You can also use the  Pay Statement Print Option to cease receiving a printed payroll advice slip in the mail. The College encourages faculty and staff to set up direct deposit and to opt out of printing whenever possible, as an important part of our commitment to sustainability. For assistance, see the Self-Service Direct Deposit Instructions.
    • Federal (W-4) Tax Information: Review and update your Federal tax withholding.  Federal income tax is withheld from your wages based on marital status and the number of allowances claimed on this form.  You may also specify that an additional dollar amount be withheld. For assistance, use the IRS Withholding Calculator.
    • Massachusetts (M-4) Tax Withholding: Review and update your MA State tax withholding.  State income tax is withheld from your wages based on the number of allowances claimed on this form.  You may also specify that an additional dollar amount be withheld. For assistance, use the W-4 Withholding Calculator.
    • W-2/W-2c Forms: View your most recent and prior year W-2 year end forms and filing instructions.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The online payroll forms can ONLY be completed once you have started, and are not available prior to your first day. If you do not complete the Tax Withholding forms, Income Taxes will be withheld from your wages based on claiming Single with 0 allowances.

  • In Self Service, click Benefits Information.

    • Williams Benefit Statement: Summary of the benefits William College provides to you, illustrating the significance of your current benefits package as part of your total compensation on an annualized basis. The statement is based on your information as of the end of the last pay period.
    • Savings Contribution Summary: Review your TIAA-CREF contribution percentages or amounts, current and prior.

    To review or change benefits enrollment, dependents, and beneficiaries, log in to

  • In Self Service, click Employment Opportunities.

    • View, search and apply to current staff employment opportunities. (If you want to view openings without logging in at Williams Staff Careers (external applicant site), please make sure to log out of the Human Resources System first.)
    • Update your home address/phone number in Self-Service > Personal Information before submitting an application.
    • The system allows you to upload a resume and then optionally upload a cover letter. You will need to enter your work history for each application, but education will save to your employee profile.
  • Contact HR to make Other Updates.

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    Go to Update My Listing for more information on changing personal information.