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To change your:

Do this:

Address (home and/or mailing) Use Human Resources System > Self Service*
Telephone Numbers (campus, main, mobile, emergency) Use Human Resources System > Self Service*
Campus Building and/or Room Number faculty: Contact Dean of the Faculty’s Office – Gerrit Blauvelt (x4138)
Contact Human Resources – Deb Stawarz (x2682)
Name (preferred/chosen and/or legal) and/or Marital Status
Gender Identity
Submit the Name Change Form and bring documentation to Human Resources – Deb Stawarz (x2682)
Submit the Gender Identity Form to change your gender for benefits and reporting
Spouse/Partner’s Name
Dependent Name
Spouse/Dependent: log in to bswift.williams.edu and click on Edit Dependent Profiles under My Profile
Partner: contact Benefits – Megan Childers (x4355)
Directory Photo Initial photos come from the Campus Security ID Card system
Submit updated pictures at Directory Photos

To display (or not) your:

Do this:

Home Mailing Address
Home Telephone Number
Spouse/Partner’s Name
As of the spring of 2023, Williams no longer publishes faculty and staff home phone, mailing address or spouse/partner information in the online directory.
Directory Photo – removal only Contact Human Resources – Simone Anderson  (x3032)

New to the Human Resources System?

* See Getting Started in the Employee Self-Service Documentation.