The e4health Management Consultation and Support Line

4healthThe e4health Management Consultation and Support Line


24/7, 1:1 Consultation about the People Side of the Business

The Management Consultation and Support Line (MCS) line is a dedicated number, staffed by senior clinical consultants who are specifically equipped to provide high level consultation and response around critical incidents, performance issues, and sensitive or high risk cases.

Managers are often called upon to respond to situations that demand a lot of tact, sensitivity, and knowledge.  Consider the following examples:

  • Domestic violence. An employee reveals she doesn’t feel safe at home, or she comes in with bruises around her face, or tells you she has a restraining order against her partner.
  • Conflict in the workplace. Two employees are arguing a lot, threatening each other and generally causing distress for those around them.
  • Mental health issues. You hear through the grapevine that an employee said he wanted to kill himself.
  • Substance abuse issues. You walk into the work area and a long term employee walks by and greets you. You notice the smell of alcohol on her breath.

By using the MCS Line, you can:

  • Discuss challenging workplace and employee situations
  • Obtain professional guidance and support
  • Consider multiple layers of impact (productivity, morale, legal, employee relations, compliance, union contract issues, policy, and human decency)
  • Develop a carefully conceived plan
  • Review interventions including Formal Referral
  • Prepare for a constructive meeting with employee

What are the advantages of calling the MCS Line?

  • 24/7: A trained counselor/consultant is always available to help you identify the right course of action to take.
  • Confidential: The MRC Line is confidential, even the Office of Human Resources will not know that you called.
  • Skilled: The MRC line is answered by senior clinical consultants with expertise in both counseling and best practices in management.

Call Anytime!  877-267-1585