Performance Development


What is Performance Development?

Performance Development is an ongoing process that involves both the employee and their supervisor, and one that focuses on the development of the employee as a professional over time.  The Performance Development Program provides a structured process, tools, forms, and other resources to facilitate effective communication about performance between supervisors and staff.

Why Do We Do Performance Development?

Williams College recognizes that people are its most valuable resource.  Every employee deserves to have quality conversations with their supervisor about their performance throughout the year, and a quality performance evaluation at least once a year.  Performance Development is intended to improve communication between supervisors and employees, and to make the college and its staff the best that they can be.

The Performance Evaluation Cycle

While performance development occurs throughout the entire year, formal performance evaluations occur annually. Departments choose from among three schedules for completing the process.  This provides more flexibility for departments to be able to assess performance when it makes the most sense to do so:  looking across an academic year or a fiscal year, or using downtime (for those who have it) during Spring Break to wrap up the process.  Here are the three schedules, with their associated review periods and due dates:

Schedule Plan Year Evaluations Due
Fiscal Year July 1 to June 30 August 31
Winter Study January 1 to December 31 January 31
Spring Break March 1 to February 28 April 10

The Performance Evaluation Process

The graphic below describes the performance evaluation process: