Williams’ performance competencies represent the knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors that every employee of the college must demonstrate to effectively support the college and its mission.  Competencies come under three broad categories: Expertise, Professionalism, and Interpersonal Skills.

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  • Expertise: Demonstrates the knowledge and skills that are needed to perform the job.
  • Innovation, problem solving, and critical thinking: Identifies and resolves work problems using innovative and creative ideas with the goal of continuous improvement.
  • Resource Management: Effectively manages and utilizes the college’s time, money, materials, and human resources consistent with the institution’s priorities, and the principle of sustainability.


  • Accountability and responsibility: Follows through on professional commitments (including attendance and punctuality) and takes personal ownership of one’s work.
  • Service to constituents: Identifies and responds to the needs and expectations of internal and external constituents.
  • Professional Development: Seeks opportunities to expand work-related knowledge, skills, and expertise.

Interpersonal Skills

  • Communication: Proactively shares information. Effectively communicates both verbally and in writing. Demonstrates effective listening skills. Handles confidential information appropriately.
  • Collaboration: Works effectively as part of a team. Solicits input and assistance from others. Makes time to help colleagues. Exhibits courtesy and respect.
  • Affirming and Enabling Diversity: Contributes to creating an environment where we all can live, learn, and thrive. Acknowledges and values the unique differences that make us who we are. Provides service in a way that demonstrates sensitivity and responsiveness to the unique identities of all members of the Williams community.
  • Developing Others:Guides and supports the professional development of others through coaching, training, and mentorship.