Position Description Template

The position description template provides a guide for you to develop your job descriptions. Position Description Template

Self-Evaluation Form

Completing the self-evaluation form and forwarding it to your supervisor is the first step in the performance evaluation process.

Evaluation Long Form

For use by the supervisor, this form should be used as a working document throughout the evaluation process until it is finalized and signed.

Evaluation Short Form

This evaluation form is used by supervisors of certain groups of hourly staff.  Your department head determines which hourly staff will be evaluated using the short form.

Evaluation Form – 6 Month

For use by the supervisor in evaluating new employees 6 months after their date of hire.  For more information, go to our Onboarding Resource Guide for Managers.

Performance Improvement Plan

This form is intended to be used as an aid to resolving performance problems where informal feedback and coaching have already been attempted but haven’t had the intended impact, and/or when the employee has received an unsatisfactory rating on their performance development evaluation form.

Job Aid: Model Emails for Launch of Evaluation Process

For use by managers in kicking off the annual evaluation process.


These forms and others are also available on the forms page at