Presentation Skills

Course Materials

Worry Worksheet – The #1 challenge people face in presentation skills are nerves.  Sometimes nerves are due to anxious negative predictions about what will happen if you fail.  This worksheet is designed to help you constructively work with worry by preparing for the worst while planning for the best.

Websites Presentation Skills Playlist – Up to 11 hours of video training on all aspects of presentation skills.

Impromptu Speech Topics

Ted Talk: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are.  Amy Cuddy teaches the ability to project confidence and power by deliberately adopting “power poses” prior to a high stakes event like a presentation.

Toastmasters International Premiere organization for supporting people in developing their public speaking skills.

Last Word Toastmasters – Pittsfield Chapter of Toastmasters International


HBS: How to Give a Killer Presentation


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